Over 2 million farmers and workers are involved in Fairtrade worldwide


100+ countries participate in the Fairtrade system


37,000+ products carry the Fairtrade Mark

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Helping Ben & Jerry's ensure a living income in their supply chain

At its core, Ben & Jerry's is in business to do good. Learn why when it comes to ensuring the farmers in their supply chain are paid fairly, they choose Fairtrade.

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Supporting Divine Chocolate's rebrand

Shoppers wanted ethical chocolate, and Divine Chocolate answered. See how Fairtrade America partnered with Divine to amplify the chocolate company's new brand identity through outreach to shoppers and media.

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Endangered Species Chocolate

"Endangered Species Chocolate is committed to crafting delicious premium chocolate while supporting species, habitat, and humanity." - Curt Vander Meer, CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate

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Tony's Chocolonely

“Tony’s Chocolonely has a big mission: to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. We can’t do it alone, which is why our partnership with Fairtrade is that much more important." - Dena, Former US Marketing Manager at Tony's Chocolonely

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Community Building

We're in this together

Fair trade needs shoppers and businesses to stand up in solidarity with the people who grow their food. Join us in fighting for better wages, decent working conditions and eco-friendly farming practices.

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