Woman in Cote d'Ivoire sifts drying cocoa beans, tossing them into the air.

Fairtrade promotes gender equality

Rebalancing gender inequality is baked into all facets of our work—from standards to programs to research. Trade cannot be fair unless it includes people of all genders.

We have now learned that being a female doesn’t mean you’re a failure, being a female means that you can do everything that boys and men can do. So, I too have the right to go to school, the right to get employed, the right to do many things, because I am also human and also capable of those things.

Ndiuzayani Zaya, Sugar Cane Farmer in Malawi

Gender equality is vital

Our gender strategy supports farming organizations in tackling the unequal power relationships that hold women back in the workplace and in society. We focus on increasing women and girls’ human, social, financial and physical capital to rebalance power structures between people of different genders.

Fairtrade producer groups commit to:

  1. No discrimination on the basis of gender or marital status
  2. Zero tolerance of behavior that is sexually intimidating, abusive or exploitative
  3. No testing for pregnancy when recruiting workers
  4. Programs to support historically marginalized groups like women
  5. Developing a gender policy, over time

Gender equality takes work

Setting and monitoring standards is not enough to create gender equality. Fairtrade actively and intentionally works with women and men to fix power imbalances. From promoting Premium projects centered on women to starting women's schools of leadership to collaborating with trade unions and NGOs on well-being—we know that investing in women creates a more just and fair world.

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