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How to get Fairtrade Certified

More than 37,000 products carry the Fairtrade Mark worldwide. This label shows that each product meets our rigorous environmental, economic and social standards—and was audited by FLOCERT, an accredited third-party auditor.

By joining this global network, you are showing your customers that you are investing in the farmers and workers that grew your products.

A four-step process

Get Fairtrade Certified

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    Contact our team

    It starts by getting in touch! We will work with you to better understand your business and your specific supply chain needs and to help you create a game plan for getting certified.

    Contact our team
  • Man carries large bag of cocoa beans on his head in warehouse in Cote d'Ivoire.

    Submit your application

    You submit a simple application with FLOCERT, a third-party accredited auditor, to ensure that your supply chain meets Fairtrade Standards. Some companies are excited to find out they’re already using a certified supply chain. In other cases, we’ll highlight your options for tapping into a certified supply chain. At this stage, you will get a “Permission to Trade” so that you can source Fairtrade certified goods.

    More on getting certified
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    Label your products

    This is when you add the Fairtrade Mark to your packaging. You get a licensing contract and work with our team to register and launch your newly certified products.

    More about labeling
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    You're a Fairtrade partner!

    You are now part of the global community of brands changing the way trade works. Our team will continue to work with you to deepen your work and impact for farmers and to support you in communicating to consumers about your commitment to people and the planet.

    See resources for partners

Tools to help you succeed

We are here to support you on your path to Fairtrade Certification and beyond.

As we grew, we found that we needed to have more transparency and authenticity behind our sourcing. We want to be part of creating a solution to larger income inequality. Fairtrade America is the gold standard.

Max Darcey, Navitas Organics

Frequently Asked Questions

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