Yellow Fairtrade certified bananas sit in a beautiful produce display.

Registration & Labeling

Our fair trade label is backed up by our rigorous standards and expertise in a wide variety of products. It requires real effort to change the status quo. Hard work and commitment deserves recognition! After you get certified, show your customers and followers you made this important step.

Label your products with pride

  • Shopper holds Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice cream pint in an organic market.

    Licensing Contract

    You enter into a licensing agreement with Fairtrade America. Now you are officially able to start using the Fairtrade Mark!

  • Fairtrade certified baking supplies - cocoa beans, bananas, cinnamon and more.

    Artwork & Recipe Approval

    Our Compliance Team will review the recipe and supply chains of the products you wish to label, making sure they were sourced from Fairtrade certified farms and meet any ingredient thresholds. The team will also help you correctly position and use the Fairtrade Mark on your certified products’ labels. Both of these actions are done through our partner portal Connect, which you’ll get training on. Any new products you launch in the future will go through the same steps.

    Connect Portal
  • Update Your Marketing Materials

    As you get new packaging printed, it’s time to think through the many ways that your company can amplify the exciting news that your product(s) are now Fairtrade Certified! Educating your sales team and buyers is a good place to start, and we have some tools to help.

    How to Use the Mark
  • Beautiful pile of Fairtrade certified avocados.

    Product Launch

    We are excited to partner with you to celebrate the launch of your newly Fairtrade certified product. Let’s dream big!

    Get Inspired

Get Inspired

From press releases to videos to Instagram Live sessions, see how brands large and small are marketing their Fairtrade Certification.

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Ben & Jerry's

Fairtrade is about making sure people get their fair share of the pie. The whole concept of Fairtrade goes to the heart of our values and the sense of right and wrong. Nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else.

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Divine Chocolate

I started at Divine 20 years ago so of course there are many things that I know now that it would have been useful to know then. Knowing that Fairtrade would become so mainstream would have been very reassuring - as we were doing something very bold and taking a leap of faith. - Sophi Tranchell, CEO of Divine Chocolate

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Conscious Step

Conscious Step believes they have a responsibility to create clothing that makes you feel good about what you wear. The source 100% Fairtrade and Organic cotton. These values have aligned them with a growing base of conscious consumers, igniting global expansion.

Learn about Conscious Step

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Nespresso has been committed to sustainable sourcing for 30+ years. But the last five years have set Nespresso’s Fairtrade farmers on a path of long-term wellbeing even after their farming days are over.

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Become part of the Fairtrade Community

The Fairtrade Community is a network of 2,400+ companies that are committed to ensuring that farmers and workers get a fair deal for the goods they produce. By getting certified with Fairtrade America—the US branch of the largest and most recognized fair trade label—you are joining this thoughtful and elite group.