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When you buy products with the Fairtrade logo, you’re creating a more equitable world with every purchase. Fair trade means the farmers and workers who grow the food we eat and produce the products we use get a fair deal. Thousands of products you use every day have a Fairtrade Certified alternative—it’s easy to care about people and improve the world when you shop.

Make a difference with every purchase

The number of Fairtrade Certified products and the people who participate expands every year.

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37,000+ products carry the Fairtrade Mark

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100+ countries participate in the Fairtrade system

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Over 2 million farmers and workers worldwide are Fairtrade certified

Buy products that carry the Fairtrade Mark

Many of the things you love carry the Fairtrade Mark. Look for the blue and green Fairtrade logo on everything from ice cream and coffee to jewelry and jeans. When you shop Fairtrade, you’ll know that the farmers and workers behind the products you purchase were given a decent wage and treated fairly. Learn more about the leading Fairtrade products below.

Where to buy Fairtrade products

Every time you shop, you have the opportunity to participate in a system that treats farmers and workers fairly.

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Look for the Fairtrade Mark

Trade affects a farmer’s income, which impacts so many parts of their lives and their communities. When you buy products with the blue and green Fairtrade Certified Mark, you are:

You can make a difference

Do you care about fairness, equality and human rights? Join the global movement that's creating a more equitable and just world.