Four people shopping in the produce section at an organic market in Washington, DC.

How to Shop Sustainably

Every day we’re confronted by a deluge of options in the grocery aisle and on our social media platforms. Making sustainable choices can be a chore. But if you think LOFTy—local, organic and Fairtrade—you’ll find items that are good for you and good for the planet.

Little changes, big impact

What LOFTy means

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    In the past 10 years, the number of farmer’s markets across the US has grown from 3,700 to more than 8,200. Many grocery stores now mark products that are sourced from nearby farms and companies.

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    According to the Organic Trade Association, demand for organic products has grown by double-digits nearly every year since the 1990s, reflecting consumers’ desire for quality products that are good for the land.

  • Shopper holds Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice cream pint in an organic market.


    With 37,000+ products sold in more than 100 countries, the Fairtrade Mark continues to be the most recognized ethical label. Any product carrying it meets rigorous social, economic and environmental criteria set by Fairtrade International and monitored by an independent certifier.

Local, Organic, Fairtrade

Shared values

Ultimately, the local, organic and fair trade movements all share a similar vision—getting consumers and producers to think not just about what they purchase and produce, but how products come to us. These shared values include a desire to: implement sustainable farming practices, avoid large corporate intermediaries, know who grew the food, a connectedness or transparency and buy directly, or at least more directly to get more of the purchase price back to the farmer.


Some ways you can help are with bananas, chocolate, coffee and clothes which are four of my favorite things. Looking for the Fairtrade symbol on those items is really helpful.

Lex Daddio, @restoring_radiance

Invest in our collective future

It is possible to meet your needs today without sacrificing our future. By choosing Fairtrade, you are shaping trade with people and the planet in mind.

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