Celebrate Halloween the fair trade way

11 October 2023

Leaves are falling, the air is newly crisp, and Halloween is just around the corner! This October, support people and the planet by choosing Fairtrade products for your Halloween celebrations.

Sweets that give back

  • Tiny Tony's from Tony's Chocolonely

    Give out candy that gives back this Halloween! One of our favorite Fairtrade chocolate brands, Tony’s Chocolonely, makes individually wrapped, kid-sized “Tiny Tony’s” chocolate bars with caramel and sea salt. Buy online or look for them near you with Tony’s Store Locator!

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  • Single Serve Endangered Species Chocolate

    During Halloween, it’s always a treat to see kids dressed up as their favorite animals. If you’re handing out candy this year, choose Endangered Species Chocolate to support species like lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). Every purchase helps raise awareness about at-risk animals across the globe, and the cocoa is certified Fairtrade, so it’s doing good for people too.

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Collect your candy in ethical style

  • Lupa Tote from Terra Thread

    While pumpkin buckets are always classic, instead consider buying a Fairtrade tote bag for your child to collect their candy in. They support ethical trade, and they hold a ton of sweets. These totes from Terra Thread are made from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton, and even have a hidden inside pocket to stash away your favorite candy before anyone else can steal it!

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  • Bum Bag from Tag Aloha Co.

    And Tag Aloha has ethically sourced “bum bags” to keep your hands free for grabbing more treats or guiding little ones to the next candy jackpot.

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Bake a better holiday treat

  • Fairtrade certified organic Cacao Powder from Navitas Organics

    Cacao Powder from Navitas Organics

    Halloween isn’t just about collecting candy — you can also make your own sweet treats! Navitas Organics is an awesome Fairtrade brand that sells cacao powder and cacao butter. Their products are perfect for making Halloween-themed brownies, cookies, or cake.

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  • Baking Chips from Lily's

    Another favorite brand, Lily’s Chocolates, sells delicious, Stevia sweetened baking chips in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, and semi-sweet flavors. Anyone up for chocolate-covered pretzels?

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However you celebrate Halloween this year, don’t forget the farmers around the world that bring us the cocoa and cotton we enjoy in our candies and costumes. Choose Fairtrade and choose a world that’s sweet for everyone.

We’re in this together

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