Temecula Coffee Roasters doesn’t sell coffee–they provide the ability to sell coffee

13 June 2024   |   Caly McCarthy, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Ed Burga lifts a sack of coffee beans from a pile in a warehouse.
Temecula Coffee Roasters provides wholesale, private label and drop shipping services. As one of our newest Fairtrade brand partners, their unique structure allows them to make Fairtrade coffee (from Peru, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Sumatra) accessible to even more brands. We are so excited by this partnership and are glad for the chance to be in conversation with Ed Burga.

Please introduce yourself – what is your role with Temecula Coffee Roasters?

I am Ed Burga, Business Development Personnel and Production Associate at Temecula Coffee Roasters.

Ed Burga leans against a stack of sacks containing coffee beans. His shirt has the Temecula Coffee Roasters logo on it.

Tell me about your company. What’s your mission?

Temecula Coffee Roasters is a drop ship company that generates production, services and time to our partners who strive to begin their coffee business journey. We have a saying that “We don’t sell coffee, we provide the ability to sell coffee.” Drop shipping helps aspiring business owners by reducing some of the logistical obstacles of starting a business by allowing us to take on the leg work of coffee production. Our job is to furnish our partners with the opportunity and the tools to allow them to achieve their goal of becoming a successful business owner. Through business expertise, quality coffee and a hard working team, we can lay the foundation that your coffee business needs!

What is the story behind Temecula’s coffee? What makes it unique? And where is it being sold?

Our Founders, Carrie and Bryan, share a love for people and a passion for coffee that created the idea of Temecula Coffee Roasters as a company that now hopes to expand this love and passion to our partners. With the 46 plus coffee offerings we supply at Temecula Coffee Roasters, we are proud to identify that all of our coffee is specialty grade due to the expertise of our farmer partners that we have such respect and admiration for. All of our coffee lots are carefully evaluated based on cup quality, farm process and sustainable practice. Our coffee is sold primarily through online markets all over the United States.

What excites you about Fairtrade? Why did you choose to certify your product Fairtrade?

The Temecula Coffee Roasters family spends a lot of time and effort in assuring ethical and responsible practices with our coffee suppliers and farmers. Fairtrade prioritizes these same considerations, so by establishing some of our coffee offerings as Fairtrade certified, this means we can continue our commitment to farmers all over the globe. Partnering with Fairtrade gives credibility in our continued efforts, but most importantly it expands our communal responsibility of such practices by collaborating with organizations such as Fairtrade, sharing and executing similar goals harmoniously.

With the 46 plus coffee offerings we supply at Temecula Coffee Roasters, we are proud to identify that all of our coffee is specialty grade due to the expertise of our farmer partners that we have such respect and admiration for.

What’s one thing about coffee that surprises you?

Coffee is so much more than your morning pick-me-up; coffee brings communities, families and organizations together to bond in ways much more than coffee dates. There is no shortage of ways coffee is shared or consumed, which makes coffee so versatile for anyone and everyone!

A bag of Temecula Coffee Roaster's Fairtrade, specialty grade coffee from Peru sits atop a stack of sacks containing coffee beans.Who is your ideal customer, and what’s the best way for them to get in contact with you if they’re interested in working with Temecula?

Our ideal customers are individuals who share similar passions and ambitions as our own. We focus on the small details of our coffee and tea products when it comes to quality. This translates into the small details of how we present ourselves as a business, and we encourage our partners to share the same kind of approach. We want our partners to feel like we are complementing their own work ethic and passions as much as they are themselves. And it all starts with a simple inquiry in the homepage of the website. Your name, your interest and your enthusiasm is all you need to get started with Temecula Coffee Roasters.

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