Beautiful pile of multicolored cocoa pods

The true cost of chocolate

Though cocoa is a beloved commodity, cocoa farmers in the Global South often struggle to make a living. It is unacceptable that this $100+ billion industry has excluded farmers and workers from the benefits of trade. This neglect has led to:

Shop for fair trade chocolate

Stand up for people and the planet by choosing certified chocolate. Our Standards ensure that farmers are getting a better deal on their cocoa while minimizing their impact on the environment and protecting the rights of women and children, who are often marginalized community members.

You can make a difference

By simply buying Fairtrade products, you are telling retailers and brands that you care about the people that made your chocolate. You are telling them that you believe that cocoa farmers and their families deserve to live healthy, happy, sustainable lives where they have the freedom to choose their own path.

Get Involved

Make fair trade part of your everyday life. Find out how you can get involved in the movement to make trade equitable and sustainable.

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