Fairtrade Certification

The certification process is a rigorous one, and we are with you every step of the way.


After connecting with our team and going through the business assessment, it’s time to enter the certification stage. This is when you certify your supply chain, get permission to trade on fair trade terms and become an official Fairtrade partner.

Farmworkers in Costa Rica examining coffee beans

Auditors we trust 

FLOCERT is the global certification body for Fairtrade. We created and exclusively work with this third-party auditing company because independent unbiased verification is critical for transparency. FLOCERT has deep expertise in a wide variety of products so they are able to not only assess if the Fairtrade standards are being followed, but they are also able to provide thoughtful feedback on improvements if non-conformities do arise.

Regular Audits

Trade doesn’t sleep. Supply chains can change on a dime. We don’t believe in naming something ethical and fair trade without independent unbiased verification. That’s why FLOCERT regularly audits all steps of the supply chain—Producer Organizations and Businesses alike—to ensure that everyone is following the Fairtrade Standards.

Here is what you can expect at your first audit

As we grew, we found that we needed to have more transparency and authenticity behind our sourcing. We want to be part of creating a solution to the larger incomes inequality. Fairtrade America is the Gold Standard.

Max Darcey, Navitas Organics