Fairtrade Month

We Are Fairtrade

When we choose Fairtrade, we become more than just a shopper or a farmer or a brand. We join a movement for a better world – a world where farmers and workers have an equal seat at the table. A movement for change that makes a difference with our choices. We are defined by Fairtrade’s values of equality, dignity and respect. We are Fairtrade.

October is Fairtrade Month

We're celebrating you

Fairtrade Month is an ideal time for us all to come together and say, “We Are Fairtrade.” Fairtrade is more than standard setting and pricing.  It’s a movement of people working together to reshape trade. That’s something to celebrate.

Stay tuned all month through our Instagram, Facebook and newsletter to get the latest news, promotions and contests. Together, we can make a difference. Together, We Are Fairtrade.

Birds eye view of a collection of spray paint cans of varying colors in a box.
Celebrating Fairtrade through murals

Why public art?

Art has sparked conversations on social justice issues and hope for change for generations. That’s why we decided to create the We Are Fairtrade mural campaign – to celebrate the often unseen people who grow products we use everyday like coffee, cocoa and bananas and bring to light the challenges that they face because of unfair trade. By choosing Fairtrade, you are choosing a world where farmers and workers get a fair deal, women thrive and the environment is prioritized.

Fairtrade Month Promotions

Get deals on Fairtrade products

Collage of Fairtrade certified products in rounded squares. The products include Organic India tea, Purecare quilts, Moka Origins coffee, Bubs coffee and Kicking Horse Coffee.Fairtrade Month is a time to celebrate everyone in working together to expand the Fairtrade movement. Several of our brands are making that easy with special deals on their Fairtrade certified products. Stay tuned for this year’s Fairtrade Month deals on your favorite products like coffee, cotton and tea.





Coffee farmer in broad brimmed hat on his property in Indonesia.

About Fairtrade America

We are the US office of Fairtrade International – a network of over 2 million farmers and workers, 2,500+ businesses and countless shoppers worldwide. We work to create a world where all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods so that they can thrive and have the freedom to decide on their own futures.

We do this by supporting and challenging US businesses to prioritize the people and places that are behind the products we use every day. By improving the terms of trade – a notorious driver of inequality – we put money back in the hands of farmers and workers, which they choose how to spend.

Thank you to our partners!

Fairtrade is only possible because it’s a collaboration of people, businesses, farmers, and more – all working together to see a more just and equitable society. The collective effort of everyone to make this campaign a reality reflects this and so much more. Thank you.