Vibrant mural of Deborah Osei-Mensah depicting cocoa pods and flowers. This mural can be found at the People's Food Co-op in Portland, Oregon.
Cans of paint used by Austin Muralist, J Muzacz
We Are Fairtrade

Giveaway details

Celebrate Fairtrade Month by entering for a chance to win a delightful prize pack filled with ethical and sustainable products made following our rigorous Fairtrade Standards.

This giveaway includes a mural print, items from Ben & Jerry’s, Equal Exchange and Kicking Horse Coffee, a Fairtrade tote and a Fairtrade-branded lunch bag. We’re also including a Cuisinart food processor (y’know, for using Fairtrade ingredients in your favorite recipes)!

This giveaway closed on October 31, and we are no longer accepting entries. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about future giveaways.

The giveaway

3 lucky winners will win all this stuff

  • A Cuisinart 11-cup food processor on a blue background

    A Cuisinart food processor

    11 cups of food processing glory. What are you making with your Fairtrade ingredients? Chocolate chip cookies? Coffee whipped cream? Banana cream pie? Apparently, you can make ice cream with a food processor, but why would you when you have also won a year’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s (see below)?

  • A pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream on a blue background.

    A year's worth of Ben & Jerry's ice cream*

    C’mon, we’re not going to ship 52 pints of Ben &Jerry’s ice cream to you. That’s a recipe for melty deliveries! Ben & Jerry’s is going to send you 52 coupons for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s incredible ice cream in two mailings (26 coupons each) through the year. That’s a delicious year.

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  • A black Equal Exchange hoodie on a blue background.

    An Equal Exchange Hoodie

    Represent one of the oldest fair trade organizations in the country with this fresh hoodie. If the weather is getting cooler where you are, this is the perfect solution. If the weather’s not getting cooler, you could be with this hoodie!

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  • A VISA gift card on a blue background.

    A VISA gift car for a year's worth of Equal Exchange bananas

    The average American consumes 27 lbs. of bananas each year. We genuinely considered sending our three winners 27 lbs. of bananas. It could be a spectacle. We just can’t bear the possibility of waste. You can take this gift card and buy your bananas at your local grocer. Fairtrade certified bananas, of course.

  • A bag of Kicking Horse Smart Ass coffee on a blue background.

    A buck load of Kicking Horse Coffee

    Imagine waking up every morning for a year to Kicking Horse Coffee. Seems like an impossible dream? Your dream could be a reality. Kicking Horse will send you a buck load of coffee to make that dream come true.

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  • A print of a photograph of a Fairtrade Mural featuring Ranjana Maurya, a Tulsi farmer from India.

    A 2023 mural print

    We’re including a beautiful print of one of our three fabulous murals from 2023. Will it be Mariana Cobos’ portrait by Betsy Casañas? Joselinda Manueles by IT-RA Icons? Or Bengaly Bourama by AGONZA? You’ve gotta win to find out.

  • A lunchbag with the Fairtrade America logo and text saying,

    A Fairtrade lunch bag

    Where are you going with that fly lunch bag? To eat some food with delicious Fairtrade certified ingredients, of course! This bag is fresh, made of recycled materials and it can hold your favorite certified products.