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Meet Natividad

Natividad Vallejos is a member of a women-produced and led coffee program Cafe Femenino that is part of the Cecanor cooperative, located in Peru. In 2003, more than 400 female coffee producers united to create Café Femenino in order to strengthen the voices and economic power of impoverished, marginalized women in coffee production. The women farmers of Café Femenino in Cecanor obtain control of revenues and land ownership and receive acknowledgment for their exceptional coffee. 

Natividad’s coffee farm has been Fairtrade certified and affiliated with Café Femenino for 15 years, and her children are also now members. She and her fellow producers have used their power to invest in community projects, such as children’s libraries, schools, health and nutritional education, and programs that build self-esteem, human rights awareness, and literacy.

60-80% of the world's food is produced by women

Yet gender inequality remains prevalent in farming communities around the world. Fairtrade tackles unequal power relationships by strengthening women and girls’ human, social, financial and physical capital.

The Artist

Meet Giovannie

Giovannie “JUST” Dixon is a Denver-based mural artist dedicated to using his art as a form of activism. Deeply inspired by the social justice movement, Giovannie aims to create beautiful, thought-provoking murals. From Denver to Seattle to Los Angeles to Canada and Jamaica, Giovannie’s murals are intended to affect positive change in the world. That is why Giovannie is excited to partner with Fairtrade America on a mural to spark awareness, conversation, empowerment and equality.

Giovannie hopes the mural will help to raise the voices of women like Natividad and elevate the importance of gender equality. Natividad reminds Giovannie of his own mother. He was inspired by her facial expression that conveys a deep sense of pride in herself, her work and the fruits of her labor. Giovannie also included coffee berries and subtle scenic views of Peru in the mural to acknowledge the beauty and fruitfulness of the region.

The Location

Meet Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Founded by​ coffee aficionados Mark Overly and Andrew Melnick, Kaladi Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality Fairtrade coffee beans from farmers who demonstrate sustainable growing practices and respect workers rights​ to produce premium specialty coffee​. For twenty years, Kaladi Coffee Roasters has been a place of community for Denverites​,​ fostering an inclusive, welcoming environment that celebrates the art and skill of producing the best coffee imaginable.

We wanted to partner with Fairtrade on this mural campaign to highlight our commitment to gender equity in global supply chains.

Mark Overly, Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Mark Overly, founder and coffee buyer at Kaladi Coffee Roasters shared, “This mural connects to our values by highlighting our long-term relationships with producing partners.”

Check out the mural at 1730 E Evans, Denver, CO 


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