Purecare believes that when we sleep well, we rise to live well, too.

5 October 2023
A scenic bedroom with Earth-toned bedding linens.
One of our newest brand partners, Purecare, puts Fairtrade cotton to excellent use in their Dr. Weil by Purecare collection, which features 12 Fairtrade cotton shams, coverlets, quilts and sheets in warm Earth tones.

Kelly CrenshawPlease introduce yourself – what is your role with Purecare?

My name is Kelly Crenshaw, and I am the VP of Product Development at Purecare.

Tell me about your company. What’s your mission?

Everything we do at Purecare, we do with heart. With every fiber of our being and stitch of our fabric, we care about the well-being of everybody and every body. It’s why we thoughtfully design our bedding with the care and comfort of all sleepers in mind—and why we’ve partnered with mind-body wellness expert and integrative health professional, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

What is the story behind the Dr. Weil line at Purecare?

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., is a renowned figure in the field of integrative medicine, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental and environmental health. His devotion to whole-person wellness perfectly complements our mission at Purecare to create bedding products tailored to improve the sleep wellness of our customers.

Our all-new Dr. Andrew Weil™ by Purecare Bedding Collection represents a shift that has been several years in the making. As more of the world awakens to the importance of sleep wellness and the potential of the beautiful, raw, sustainable elements of the natural world that have always underlined our brand—so does the potential of collaborations like ours with Dr. Weil. Together, we’re helping to provide our global community with the tools and bedding essentials needed to sleep well. Because we believe that when we sleep well, we rise to live well too.

Why did you choose to certify your product Fairtrade?

At Purecare, we pride ourselves on the quality of products we produce and the transparency in our manufacturing processes. We felt that Fairtrade’s mission aligned perfectly with our company goals.

We love that Fairtrade farmers abide by more sustainable farming practices and that Fairtrade is all about creating a more transparent and equitable supply chain.

What makes your product unique?

A woman lies cozily in bed that is outfitted with Earth-toned linens.All of the products developed in tandem with Dr. Weil for our Dr. Weil by Purecare Bedding Collection are made with natural, sustainable fibers and materials, including cotton, linen, hemp, kapok, Merino wool, and Talalay latex.

We’ve also incorporated Earthcolors® plant-based natural dyes by Archroma in several of our products from the Dr. Weil line that are dyed in Portugal—this process lends a vintage, handcrafted look to our bedding that really resonates with our customers who are looking for comfortable sleep solutions that are safe for them and the environment.

How do you use your business to create a more sustainable and/or equitable world?

We’re passionate about advocating for a world where well-being and fairness prevail. Our initiatives span from using eco-friendly materials to supporting sustainable Fairtrade practices that create fairer trade conditions for farmers and their communities. We believe that by prioritizing these values, we contribute to a more harmonious and equitable world.

What’s next for Purecare? Where do you see your company in 5 years, for example?

The road ahead for Purecare is illuminated by innovation and purpose. In five years, we envision further expanding our wellness mission and product reach from the bedroom to the entire home. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability while nurturing partnerships that resonate with our values.

What inspires you and your team to work towards business for good?

The heartbeat of Purecare is a collective passion for positive impact. Our team is fueled by the belief that business can and should be a force for good. We’re driven by the transformational sleep wellness stories of our customers—of lives bettered through quality sleep. These narratives fuel our determination to make meaningful products.

We’re passionate about advocating for a world where well-being and fairness prevail.

What is one key takeaway for customers to know about Purecare and your work with Fairtrade?

When you choose Purecare, you’re choosing more than exceptional bedding. Our commitment to Fairtrade exemplifies our promise of quality and sustainability—so that your sleep is not only luxurious but also a catalyst for positive change.

How can a customer get involved with your brand?

One of the fastest, easiest ways to get involved with the Purecare brand is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow along with us on social media.

We’re active on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (@Purecare_Home), and we enjoy connecting with our customers through email and our online platforms where we share a lot of helpful tips for improving sleep quality and wellness.

Where can customers find your Fairtrade products?

Customers can shop our products directly through our website, and both in-store and online through our various retail partners around the world.

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