Yellow Fairtrade certified bananas sit in a beautiful produce display.

How to Use the Mark

Now that you are Fairtrade Certified – it is time to start marketing your products. This Mark shows your customers that you believe in paying producers a fair price for the goods that they work hard to grow.

Rules to know

  • Fairtrade Mark

    Fairtrade Mark

    Use the Fairtrade Mark when a product has only one, physically traceable ingredient like bananas, coffee, avocadoes, etc…

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  • Fairtrade mark with arrow

    Fairtrade Mark with an arrow

    Use the Fairtrade Mark with an arrow on products with multiple ingredients like chocolate bars or granola. All the ingredients that are available under Fairtrade conditions have to be purchased under Fairtrade terms (e.g.: the cocoa, sugar, vanilla, etc.). This Mark with an arrow is also used on single-ingredient products that have been sourced using “mass balance.” This is possible only for cocoa, sugar, fruit juice and tea. The Fairtrade Mark must always be accompanied by the Fairtrade on-pack claim.

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  • Fairtrade FSI mark

    Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient (FSI) Mark

    The Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient (FSI) Mark is used when a product has multiple ingredients and at least one of them is purchased on Fairtrade terms. 100% of the chosen Fairtrade ingredient in composite products, product ranges or categories must be sourced on Fairtrade terms in order to use the FSI Mark. For example, the cocoa in a chocolate bar may be Fairtrade certified while the sugar and vanilla are not. Therefore, this chocolate bar with use the FSI Mark for cocoa.

    The FSI Mark must always be accompanied by the FSI on-pack claim.

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  • Fairtrade cotton mark

    Fairtrade Cotton Mark

    is used when the product contains at least fifty percent of cotton and all of the cotton used in the product is Fairtrade certified and physically traceable.

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  • Fairtrade gold mark

    Fairtrade Gold Mark

    is used when the total of gold content is Fairtrade certified and physically traceable. The tab indicates that only the gold is Fairtrade certified, so it can be applied to jewelry with other elements like precious stone

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