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Reporting an allegation or complaint

Please see the details below to identify the appropriate team that can best support to your specific question or concern. All submitted allegations and complaints are treated as confidential by the member of staff responsible. Thank you for your support!

Would you like to report the misuse of the Fairtrade Mark?

Fairtrade’s approach relies on rigorous standards and responsiveness. For farmers, workers, consumers and businesses to continue to trust Fairtrade, we take allegations of misuse of our brand seriously.

If you believe the FAIRTRADE Marks are being used incorrectly, please let us know by completing the form below and sending it through

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Our Allegations Policy:

We will acknowledge all written allegations within 10 days of receipt, in writing. Your allegation will be assigned to a relevant staff member for investigation. A staff member will make an initial assessment of the claim, to ensure its validity and determine the investigation process. If the allegation concerns a purely certification related matter it will be transferred to Fairtrade America certification body, FLOCERT. Please see our Complaints, Allegations and Appeals Policy for further information.


Do you have a question or complaint regarding certification or licensing?

Fairtrade America recognizes the importance of and value of listening and responding to feedback from all stakeholders. We are committed to achieving the highest standard we can in every area of our work and to continue to improve. Fairtrade America is also committed to maintaining its responsiveness to the needs and concerns of its licensees, the public, and the producers it supports.

If you have feedback or dissatisfied with a service rendered provided by Fairtrade America, please let us know by completing the form below and returning to

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Complaints Policy:

We will acknowledge all written complaints within 2 days of receipt. Your complaint will be assigned to a relevant staff member (or depending on the nature and seriousness of the complaint, a board member) for investigation. Any person with a conflict of interest in relation to the complaint shall be excluded from the review and decision-making process, please see our complaints, allegations and appeals policy for further information.