Communicate your commitment

You did something incredible. Getting Fairtrade certified takes effort, resources and commitment. You are part of a group of companies that are shaping a better world for people and planet. You are part of the Fairtrade story.

Woman in Cote d'Ivoire carries water from well built with Fairtrade Premium
cocoa beans

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade fights for a better deal for nearly 2 million farmers and workers around the world. We do this in four big ways:

  • Unique pricing model
  • Rigorous standards
  • Local & regional experts
  • Global support network
30,000+ products carry the Fairtrade Mark

Share your Fairtrade story

  • Blog

    Deepen consumer understanding of your Fairtrade journey with a blog post like this one from Conscious Step.

    Consider topics like: What does Fairtrade mean to you in one word? Interview your company’s Fairtrade lead about how and why they advocate for Fairtrade.

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    Fair Trade Landing Page

    A landing page can be a simple, fun way to build your brand connection with Fairtrade like the one Kicking Horse created. We recommend including a few producer images, pack shots, Fairtrade talking points that speak to you, a link to the Fairtrade America site and a quote from your leadership on why you’re invested in Fairtrade.

  • Social Media

    Line up a series of social media posts announcing your new Fairtrade product and why Fairtrade is important to your brand. Check out this example from Reese Artichoke for inspiration.

    Tips: Show the Fairtrade logo or package shots to help your fans identify this new product. Set up a cadence of speaking to Fairtrade within your social media schedule.

    Challenge: Organize a social media giveaway in partnership with another Fairtrade brand.

  • Press Release

    Use our standard press release format and share. Talk to your Account Manager about how to partner with Fairtrade in this announcement.

  • Email Announcement

    Share the good news with your community via email announcement. We’re happy to provide high-quality farmer photos, videos and quotes for this.

  • Access materials made for you

    Fairtrade America has collected a range of materials to support your storytelling in our Partner Support Folder. From our Licensee Toolkit, Communications Guide, social media templates, farmer photos, statistics and more, we have what you need to get started.

    Check the latest partner newsletter or reach out to your account manager for access to these helpful tools.

$2/day is what many smallholder farmers around the world live on, according to the World Bank
Boy drying cocoa
Beautiful pile of multicolored cocoa pods

Additional tools

Here are many more tools and resources to help you communicate your commitment to Fairtrade.

The most recognized ethical label

Fairtrade International was recognized as the “gold standard” for fair trade labels, according to an independent analysis, scoring top marks in 31 out of 45 categories. By joining the Fairtrade system, you are part of this gold standard!