Choose Fairtrade

Choose the world you want

Every trip to the grocery store or online shop is an opportunity to choose the world you want. We want a world where farmers get paid a fair price for their goods, women thrive and the environment is prioritized. We partnered with local artists in three US cities to spread the word and remind each passerby that we all have an incredible opportunity to create the world we want.

Cocoa beans split and laid out to check for quality.
Choose Fairtrade. Choose the world you want.

Why public art?

Art has sparked conversations on social justice issues and hope for change for generations. That’s why we decided to create the Choose Fairtrade mural campaign – to celebrate the often unseen people who grow products we use everyday like coffee, cocoa and bananas and bring to light the challenges that they face because of unfair trade. By choosing Fairtrade, you are choosing a world where farmers and workers get a fair deal, women thrive and the environment is prioritized.

Explore the murals

Coffee farmer in broad brimmed hat on his property in Indonesia.

About Fairtrade America

We are the US branch of Fairtrade International – a network of nearly 2 million farmers and workers, 2,400+ businesses and countless shoppers worldwide. We work to create a world where all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods so that they can thrive and have the freedom to decide on their own futures.

We do this by supporting and challenging US businesses to prioritize the people and places that are behind the products we use every day. By improving the terms of trade – a notorious driver of inequality – we put money back in the hands of farmers and workers, which they choose how to spend.

Thank you to our partners!

We are distinctly grateful for the support of National Co+op Grocers (NCG). NCG is a business services cooperative, representing 148 food co-ops operating over 200 stores in 38 states with combined annual sales over $2.3 billion and serving over 1.3 million consumer-owners. NCG provides the capacity of a chain while maintaining the autonomy of each individual co-op. They help unify natural food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources, strengthen purchasing power, and ultimately offer more value to natural food co-op owners and shoppers everywhere. 

With NCG’s support, Fairtrade America grew this into a nationwide campaign! 

We are also grateful to Assata Doumbia, Sarah Larweh, Eugenie Lago, Carmen Mueses, and Johnny Gabriel Navas Aquim for allowing us to share their stories. Thank you to Central Co-op, the Wedge Community Co-op and the Wheatsville Co-op for hosting murals and being local champions for ethical and sustainable sourcing. Reggie LeFloreJ Muzacz and Mari Shibuya for your incredible artwork illuminating these Fairtrade farmers’stories. To ASOGUBAO, CONACADO, CLACEqual ExchangeFairtrade AfricaFran’s Chocolate, Tony’s ChocolonelyTwin Cities Co-op Partners for actively supporting this initiative! And to Conscious Step, Divine Chocolate, Kicking Horse Coffee, La Riojana, Nature’s Path and Reese Specialty Foods for helping us creating an inspiring (and delicious) giveaway.

And to our 2020 partners who continue to celebrate Fairtrade every day through their support, artwork, stories and generous wall-space: Rosine Bekoin, Segundo Alejandro Guerrero Mondragón, Natividad Vallejos, Kaladi Coffee Roasters,  The Turnip Truck, Giovannie “JUST” DixonTarabella AversaLevi PonceCafe Femenino, CAYAT Cooperative, INFRA, and Norandino Coffee Cooperative. 

Fairtrade is only possible because it’s a collaboration of people, businesses, farmers, and more – all working together to see a more just and equitable society. The collective effort of everyone to make this campaign a reality reflects this and so much more. Thank you.