Divine Chocolate rebrands to capture Fairtrade-motivated shoppers

Targeting Global Growth

Longtime Fairtrade partner Divine Chocolate is on a mission to empower farmers and consumers through an equitable cocoa supply chain, from the farm to the shopping cart. Cocoa farmers themselves are co-owners of the company, and Divine invests 2% of their annual turnover directly in farmer projects in addition to paying the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium to their suppliers.

Divine found in new consumer research that the top motivation for shoppers to choose their treats was the brand’s commitment to Fairtrade ingredients. So they seized the opportunity to capture more Fairtrade-motivated shoppers and continue growing and transforming the chocolate industry by better communicating their vision for a fair world where farmers can thrive.

50%+ of consumers changed their purchasing choices in 2020-2021 to make a difference in the world.

Why Fairtrade Partnership?

The cocoa industry at large is plagued by serious issues, including poverty and child labor, that can be positively impacted by implementing fair prices. Fairtrade, and its brand partners like Divine, works to combat these issues at the root by enabling farmers to earn more from their crops. Cocoa sourcing is more ethical when companies source Fairtrade ingredients because small-scale farmers, who grow two-thirds of the world’s cocoa, get a better, more stable price for their crops and are supported in investing in their families and communities.

And US consumers are ready to pay a fairer price. A recent study from Fairtrade and research firm GlobeScan revealed that US shoppers are willing to pay up to 30% per bar more for Fairtrade chocolate.

How Fairtrade America Helped

In September 2021, Divine launched a refreshed brand identity and new packaging that prominently emphasizes their Fairtrade certification with the globally recognized Fairtrade Mark alongside Divine’s signature “co-owned by cocoa farmers” mission.

“Every chocolate bar that consumers purchase improves the lives of farmers and their families.”

– Troy Pearley, Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America of Divine Chocolate

“When it comes to chocolate, small choices create big changes,” said Troy Pearley. “These branding updates better reflect our commitment to the social and economic exploitation that has impacted the cocoa industry.”

After a collaborative brainstorming session, Fairtrade America stepped up to support the launch by promoting Divine’s newly rebranded products to thousands of shoppers in our annual Fair Trade Month campaign as well as a wire press release and media outreach to amplify the company’s message and mission.

“We are truly honored to partner with a purpose-driven company like Divine that exemplifies the values and mission of the Fairtrade movement to the core,” said Peg Willingham, Executive Director, Fairtrade America. “It has been our honor to consult and collaborate with them to make a positive impact on the cocoa farmers who work hard to produce the quality cocoa that makes Divine Chocolate bars so outrageously delicious.”

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