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4 November 2022

Founder of betterland foods™, Lizanne Falsetto, thinks you don’t need to sacrifice taste to make a sustainable and ethical choice, and her brand has its new woo™ chocolate candy bars to prove it. Made with Fairtrade certified cocoa and plant-based whey protein, woo bars are a delicious treat that does good for the people producing and enjoying it.

Please introduce yourself – what is your role with betterland foods?

I’m Lizanne Falsetto, Founder and CEO of betterland foods™, as well as the Founder and former CEO of thinkThin®, the first protein bars to be advertised as high protein, (20grams), sugar-free & gluten-free – and they created a whole new category: Nutrition Bar. Ultimately, thinkThin® (now think!®) products became one of the most sought-after health foods on the market.

How did betterland come to be?

After selling thinkThin® to Glanbia in late 2015, I took some time to reflect on my impact in the world, as well as what kind of legacy I wanted to leave. I’m always reading & researching food trends and what is going on in the industry, and it became increasingly apparent that it was time for a brand to be able to deliver on the promise of not just better-for-you, but also better for the planet. So, I put together a world-class team of food scientists and innovators who could help me realize my vision – and thus betterland foods™ was born.

How do you use your business to create a more equitable world? How do you give back?

betterland foods™ is dedicated to reinventing and elevating the food industry across all of the life stages of a product lifecycle: from intentional partnerships with a cow-free whey protein manufacturer and Fairtrade certified cocoa, to sustainable manufacturing choices, and packaging partners – like Tetra Pak® – who help reduce the footprint of storage and waste.

With Tetra Pak®’s earth-friendly packaging and a shelf-life that uses no refrigeration until opening, betterland™ is working to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We’re looking to partner with and educate retailers like Sprouts and Whole Foods who are interested in sustainability, and show them how to be more energy efficient regarding storage. It’s vital that we collectively work together to create food industry practices, such as using technology to find new ways to create less waste, which will sustain us for a long time to come.

Additionally, at betterland™, we pride ourselves on being cruelty-free. That means every part of the production and distribution of our products are done in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible, from Fairtrade chocolate and humanely paid farmers.

Where do you see betterland in the future?  Say in five years?

I see betterland™ expanding to even more sectors of the food industry, on small and large scales. Our woo™ chocolate candy bars are something I’m incredibly excited about. They are cow-free, protein-packed candy bars that are good for your health & the environment – which is a win-win in my book. And we’re also working to bring betterland™ products into retail, restaurants, and hospitality. The goal is for betterland™ to be the primary alternative for traditional dairy and dairy-filled products like milk and nougat, without compromising on taste, texture, or performance.

Why did you choose Fairtrade for your candy bars?

Cruelty-free sustainability is our vision for not only betterland™ products, but for a food industry revolution where all food and beverages are better for us and the planet. I can’t fathom using chocolate that isn’t Fairtrade; a company that cares about kindness and equity in the food industry.

Where can customers find your Fairtrade candy bars?

Order woo™ bars at

What makes your Woo candy bar unique?

Currently, woo™ are the only layered chocolate bars that use cow-free whey made with precision fermentation. So often, it feels like a product must be either healthy or taste good. We’ve done the research to fire on all cylinders – prioritizing taste and sustainability in a delicious candy bar that actually has a ton of protein. There’s no reason we can’t have it all, and we want our customers to feel that way too.

What inspires you and your team at betterland to work towards business for good?

It’s the fundamental part of our mission – it’s in our name! We want to make everything better, on every level. Health, taste & environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and the more we connect those values, the more we can show other businesses that sustainability is profitable (& delicious). You can eat delicious candy & still be helping the planet. We want to make that message as accessible as possible, because it’s not about being perfect, it’s about taking steps in the right direction.

What is one takeaway for customers?

It’s always been so important for us at betterland™ to make it clear that you don’t need to sacrifice taste to make a sustainable and ethical choice. We want it to be easy to make the switch, and so seamless that it doesn’t feel like a change at all. 98% of the population eats candy – now there is a guilt-free option with half the sugar and double the protein. woo™ satisfies and delivers on flavor.    If you like traditional candy bar varieties such as Snickers & Milky Way – you will LOVE our Salty Peanut and Creamy Nougat – all without the guilt.

How can a customer get involved with your brand?

Visit us on Instagram at @woobars & @betterlandfoods.  Purchase woo™ bars @

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