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16 August 2023   |   Fairtrade America

Whether you’re packing lunch for your child’s first day of kindergarten or preparing for your last year of college, there are so many ways to incorporate Fairtrade into the new school year. When you choose Fairtrade certified products, you’re choosing a fair deal for farmers who deserve a sustainable source of income. Wondering how you can help make a difference for people and the planet? We’re sharing the best Fairtrade products for all your back-to-school needs.

Sustainable supplies for heading back to school:

  • The perfect backpack

    Nothing says a fresh start like a new backpack! Terra Thread’s stylish and functional bags are made using organic Fairtrade cotton and come in a variety of colors. Plus, each purchase supports Feeding America’s campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.

  • Fairtrade breakfast

    If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, why not make it sustainable for you AND the farmers behind the food? Perfect for those busy mornings when you just can’t stop hitting “snooze,” a quick grab and go Equal Exchange banana can be the perfect option to eat on the way to class.

  • First day outfit

    Your child will be the most popular student in class as they show off the highlight of their first-day outfit: Conscious Steps socks! Let your little ones pick their favorite cause as this ethical Fairtrade company donates to a plethora of charities. Choose from socks that protect rainforests, socks that save dogs, socks that find a cure, and more.

  • Navitas Chocolate Cacoa Power Snacks bag

    A healthy snack

    Snack time is important for ALL age groups, especially when the snack is as wonderful as Navitas Organics’ Chocolate Power Snacks. Did you know that cacao supports brain health, offers anti-inflammatory properties and provides us with energy? Navitas sources all of their cacao from Fairtrade farmers. They are committed to superfoods that serve people and planet.

  • A bag of GRIA’s Fairtrade Cinnamon Sugar Cashews sits atop a wooden board. To the right of the bag is a wooden bowl displaying those cashews. Alongside it is a shallow bowl with cinnamon sugar.

    A balanced treat for Mom or Dad

    We know, the morning rush can be tough! Once everyone’s off to school, reward your hard work with some Tony’s Chocolonely Lil Bits or a handful of GRIA cashew snacks to fuel up for your own day ahead.

We’re in this together

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