Fairtrade coffee from BUBS Naturals carries a legacy of adventure, impact

21 April 2023   |   Emilee Lamb, Marketing & Communications Manager

One of our newest Fairtrade partners, BUBS Naturals, has recently added certified coffee to their lineup of supplements and powders designed with the highest quality ingredients to power up active lifestyles. Learn more about the story behind this purpose-driven brand in our Q&A with co-founder Sean Lake.

Please introduce yourself – what is your role with BUBS Naturals?

Co-Founder and CEO of BUBS Naturals, Sean Lake

I’m Sean Lake, co-founder and CEO of BUBS Naturals.

Tell me about your company. What’s your mission?

Our mission at BUBS Naturals is, “Feel great. Do good.” We are committed to helping you feel your best, naturally. We are passionate about promoting health and wellness through high-quality, natural products. Plus, we donate 10% of our profits to charity; when you choose BUBS Naturals, you are not just supporting your own health, you are helping make a positive impact on the world.

What is the story behind BUBS Naturals?

BUBS Naturals started in 2017 after I lost a best friend, Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty, a Navy SEAL and national hero who was tragically killed in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. After his death, my co-founder TJ and I met up for coffee and talked about how we could make a difference and preserve BUB’s legacy as an avid champion of health and fitness. Named for our friend, BUBS Naturals was born to embody his adventurous and passionate spirit through products that he would have believed in.

BUBS Naturals has medium and dark roasts in two signature blends: Origin and Challenger.

Why did you choose to certify your coffee as Fairtrade?

We wanted to launch a specialty coffee that meant something to the brand. This led to the creation of a clean, proper coffee that remains true to BUBS.  With this, it is important to ensure we promote fair and equitable trade practices, which is why we’ve chosen to certify our coffee as Fairtrade. We believe in supporting the farmers who grow our coffee and making sure they receive fairer wages for their hard work. Plus, it tastes great. What’s not to love?

What makes your product unique?

We are committed to using the best ingredients that are sustainably sourced and good for your body. We roast our coffee in small batches, providing perfect, high-quality beans in every bag of BUBS Brew. Every batch of coffee is tested for yeast, mold, and aflatoxin to ensure the cleanest, most pure coffee product. Our rigorous and tight standards are held not only to ourselves, but to our farmers and manufacturers; maintaining a high supply chain benchmark. Our first coffee blend, The Origin Blend, pays tribute to BUB’s origin story in Costa Rica. It was here, on a surf trip, that Glen met a group of Navy SEALs who knew he had what it takes and inspired him to join the Navy himself. The Origin Blend is sourced from Guatemalan, Honduran, and Nicaraguan beans and comes in both a medium and dark roast.

How do you use your business to create a more sustainable and/or equitable world? How do you give back?

We are committed to using our business to create a more sustainable and equitable world. It’s what BUB would have done, so it’s what we do too. That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to charity. Since our inception, we have donated more than $175,000. Recipients include the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation to support veterans transitioning into civilian life and environmental groups such as Protect our Winters.

What’s next for BUBS Naturals? Where do you see your company in 5 years, for example?

Next for BUBS Naturals, we see ourselves continuing to grow and expand our product line, while staying true to our mission of natural and sustainable wellness. We are excited to be launching three new coffees in the BUBS Brew line throughout 2023. Our next blend, The Challenger, will be a rich, Mexican single-origin blend, inspired by Glen’s most challenging deployment in Mexico City. After that, we will be introducing The Wanted, an Ethiopian blend commemorating Glen’s special civilian deployment in Africa. Finally, we are honoring the legacy of SEALs and Hawaii, with a high-end Kona roast called The Easy Day, because the only easy day was yesterday. Each of these unique blends will boast the same Fairtrade, Whole 30, and USDA Organic certifications as the Origin Blend.

What inspires you and your team to work towards business for good?

We are inspired by the idea of making a difference in the world, and we are passionate about using our brand and products we believe in to make that happen. Every day, we are motivated by the knowledge that every purchase of BUBS Naturals helps promote health and well-being all while supporting a good cause.

What is one key takeaway for customers to know about BUBS Naturals and your work with Fairtrade?

We are committed to promoting fair, equitable, and sustainable trade practices all while using the best ingredients for products. Fairtrade helps us ensure this throughout our entire supply chain and their stamp of approval is very meaningful to us.

How can a customer get involved with your brand?

Customers can get involved with our brand on most social media platforms @bubsnaturals. We are proud of the community we have created with people passionate about natural, sustainable wellness and we welcome you to join the BUBS family! When you choose BUBS Naturals, you are joining a healthy movement that makes a positive impact on the world.

Where can customers find your Fairtrade products?

Customers can find our Fairtrade coffee at https://www.bubsnaturals.com/collections/coffee.

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