5 sustainable fashion tips for your closet

26 March 2021   |   Melissa Weinstein, Fairtrade America Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether it’s buying clothes from a transparent business or taking advantage of what’s already in your closet, there are so many ways to support worker’s rights and the environment in your daily life.

Follow these 5 sustainable fashion tips for a more ethical wardrobe.

  • think before buying

    Think before buying

    Do you really need that blouse on sale? Before making a purchase, try mending or dying the clothes you already own to give them new life! That old ratty white t-shirt in the back of your closet will make the perfect canvasIf you have to shop for something new, ask yourself  “will I wear this clothing item at least 30 times before throwing it out?”   

    Trust me – your wallet will be thanking you later. 

  • start with used

    Start with used!

    Buying secondhand clothing is a great way to make your wardrobe more sustainable and give new life to old products. Check out your local vintage shop or download the Depop app to connect with sellers from across the country.  

  • 3

    Look for signs of greenwashing

    Greenwashing is when a company markets their brand as ethical and sustainable in order to gain your trust, when in reality they are still underpaying their workers and harming the environment through their products. If you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find any details about the company’s supply chain and how they source their clothing, it might be time to shop elsewhere.  

  • 4

    Choose Fairtrade cotton

    If you have to buy new, make sure it’s good for people and the planet! More and more clothing companies are using Fairtrade certified cotton which means the farmers behind the clothes you wear are receiving a fair deal for their hard work. Explore Fairtrade certified cotton brands and learn more about our rigorous environmental, economic and social standards.  

  • 5

    Carefully repurpose, reuse and recycle

    It looks like you’ve outgrown your favorite sweater. Now what? If it’s still in decent shape, consider donating your clothing item to a nonprofit so they can sell the used clothing at one of their thrift locations. Otherwise, make sure to bring any unusable clothing to a municipal recycling center so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.  

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