Buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a difference for cocoa farmers, their families and communities around the world.

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Life is tough for cocoa farmers. Although demand has been high, the price of cocoa beans has fallen in recent years. Cocoa trees are being damaged by disease, climate change, and the fact that they’re simply old. At the same time, the poor prospects of cocoa farming are discouraging the next generation from getting involved.

Fairtrade works to help make cocoa farming more sustainable in countries such as Ivory Coast and Ghana. The Fairtrade Minimum Price acts as a safety net when prices fall while farmers can invest the extra Fairtrade Premium they earn in their businesses and communities to build a better future.

This is what it means when you choose Fairtrade chocolate for your treat.

There are many places to buy Fairtrade chocolate – in fact, most grocery stores carry at least one line. Keep an eye on our website for updates on where to buy Fairtrade chocolate.

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Where to Find Fairtrade Chocolate

barry callebaut logo

Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. Barry Callebaut offers Fairtrade certified chocolates and cocoa powders.

belvas logo

Belvas Chocolate

Established in 2005, Belvas is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer certified organic and Fairtrade. Genuine cocoa, pure chocolate and a return to authentic taste.

chocolate and love logo

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love crafts excellent quality, ethically made, organic chocolate from cacao, cane sugar, vanilla and coffee grown by cooperatives certified Fairtrade. Believe in more cacao, less sugar!

Stella Bernrain Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate Stella

Chocolate Stella produces high-quality chocolate specialties from creative ideas.

divine chocolate logo

Divine Chocolate

Owned by cocoa farmers, made for chocolate lovers.

EMVI Chocolate Logo

EMVI Chocolate

EMVI Chocolate is a family owned business in Upstate New York. Their delicious real chocolate and all-natural ingredients are carefully handcrafted by chocolate artisans.

esc logo

Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species’ milk and dark chocolate bars and bites are made with ethically traded, shade-grown cacao and natural ingredients. And the best part? 10% of net profits from your purchase are donated to help fund wildlife conservation efforts!

Frans Chocolates Logo

Frans Chocolates

Fran's is a family-owned confectioner producing high-quality Fairtrade organic confections, sauces and other treats.

green and blacks logo

Green and Blacks

Green & Black’s products are sourced with care. Respect for human rights, ethical trading, and the environment are fundamental to our work. Green & Black’s is committed to creating great tasting, innovative and ethically sourced chocolate.

Pain Le Quotidien Logo

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien serves simple, elegant boulangerie fare made with organic ingredients whenever possible, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also carry a line of chocolates made with Fair Trade ingredients.

lidl logo


LIDL stocks a wide selection of Fairtrade products, including coffee and chocolate.

lily's logo

Lilys Sweets

Lily’s is committed to making great tasting chocolate better for you. Their stevia-sweetened, vegan chocolate has all the indulgence you crave, but with a lot fewer calories.

Monbana Hot Chocolate Logo

Monbana Hot Chocolate

Monbana makes a traditional organic and Fairtrade certified cocoa developed with respect for the natural balances of the planet. 

Navitas Logo

Navitas Organics

Navitas’ super-simple, super-nutritious superfoods give you the energy you need to live each day to the fullest.  Their cocoa nibs, powder, and butter are all Fairtrade certified.   

Nirvana Chocolate Logo

Nirvana Chocolate

Nirvana carefully selects the finest all-natural ingredients, crafting chocolate according to traditional techniques refined over centuries in Belgium. Indulge in dark organic and Fairtrade chocolate from the Dominican Republic, and many more fabulous flavors.

perfect fuel logo

Perfect Fuel

Perfect Fuel delivers convenient, clean, and delicious energy and nutrition for the active lifestyle with powerful and pure organic, Fairtrade ingredients for a natural boost.

raw chocolate logo

The Raw Chocolate Company

Using Fairtrade certified cocoa and vanilla, Raw Chocolate Co has secured their spot as a leader in the raw chocolate field. Their cocoa meets strict standards — raw (unroasted), organic, cold pressed, and high quality —and it shows.  

tony's chocolonely logo

Tonys Chocolonely

Tony’s vision is 100% slave free chocolate. Not just their chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. 

trader joe's logo

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s stocks a selection of Fairtrade products, including sugar, honey, Sumatra Blend coffee, chocolate and cocoa powder.

valrhona logo


Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate since 1922, exploring the great aromatic potential of cocoa and positively impacting their producer communities. Valrhona is the leading chocolate brand chosen by the top Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers worldwide.

Wildly Organic Logo

Wildly Organic

Wildly Organic focuses on nutritious foods safely made for exceptional quality. Taste the difference in their Fairtrade organic agave nectar and fermented cacao powder.

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Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.