Buy these Fairtrade Easter chocolates, and have them shipped to your door

26 February 2024
Easter is March 31, 2024

Hop to it! Choose Fairtrade chocolate.

  • A bag of Tony's Chocolonely easter eggs variety bag

    Tony's chocolate eggs

    Seven flavors of Tony’s in one bag. What?!?

    You heard right. Tony’s continues their mission of making 100% exploitation free chocolate with these delightful, delicious easter eggs. Buy a bag. Buy 12. They’re going to go fast.

    Flavors include:

    • Milk Chocolate Eggs
    • Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Eggs
    • Milk Chocolate with Honey Almond Nougat Eggs
    • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Eggs
    • Dark Chocolate Eggs
    • Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Eggs
    • White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy Eggs

    Buy Tony's chocolate eggs
  • A box of assorted Frans Easter chocolates, including bunnies and eggs.

    Fran's Easter Chocolate

    The classic chocolate bunny. Delicious chocolate eggs. Chocolate chicks. Fran’s has a wide assortment of items for this easter season. Get them individually or in box sets. And it’s all Fairtrade certified. Feel great about eating this chocolate. Plus the lilac foil makes this some classy chocolate.

    Buy Fran's easter chocolate
  • a bag of Divine's foil-wrapped chocolate eggs

    Divine's chocolate eggs

    Divine chocolate has some exceptional chocolate eggs, as well. Available in three varieties, smooth milk chocolate, delicious dark chocolate or fun speckled eggs. Divine is sure to have the crowd pleaser for your holiday.

    • Milk Chocolate Eggs
    • Speckled Chocolate Eggs
    • Dark Chocolate Eggs

    Buy Divine chocolate eggs

Why should you buy Fairtrade chocolate this Easter?

Easter is a great holiday to live our values, and there are few better ways to do so than by buying Fairtrade certified chocolate. Our partners have worked hard and thought carefully about how to source their ingredients in an ethical manner. You can see some of the great items they make with those ingredients above. Purchasing those items is not only supporting thoughtful brands, it supports importers, traders, exporters and the very people who grow and harvest the cacao that goes into crafting that chocolate.

Your decision to buy Fairtrade chocolate travels all the way back to the source. That’s what you call a value chain! Need more info, just check out our video below to give you some sense of what farmers in West Africa are paid for their hard work.

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