NOOCH IT: The first Fairtrade certified plant cheese in the US!

15 September 2020   |   Fairtrade America

We are thrilled to share that new Fairtrade partner, Uprise Foods, recently took the exciting step of getting their NOOCH IT! Grated Cashew Cheeze certified. This inspiring company was aptly named, “in support of uprising against a food system that beats workers down, is cruel to animals, and is poisoning our bodies and the world we live in.” Uprise Foods lives their values by creating foods that are delicious, healthy and ethically sourced. We sat down with their founder, Ben Taylor, to learn more about their company and why ethical sourcing is important to them. 

Uprise Foods is leading the way with ethical sourcing for cashews. Tell us a little bit about how you came to the decision about sourcing Fairtrade cashews, and how you prioritized Fairtrade certification in today’s climate.  

Ben: Shortly after Uprise was founded in the spring of 2017, we learned that the cashew industry is rampant with abuses to workers due to the caustic nature of working with raw cashews. From that point on, Uprise has only purchased fair trade cashews and set out on a mission to help others learn about fair trade and the cashew industry.

2020 has been a challenging year for individuals and businesses with the global pandemic. At the same time, there has been a reckoning regarding the work that needs to be done in the fight for equality. We felt that there was no better time than now to show our support for Fair Trade. As the expression goes, if not now, when? As we continue to grow and reach new customers every day, this is the perfect time show our commitment to every part of our supply chain by being certified with Fairtrade America.

What does fair trade mean to you in one word?

Ben: Respect. Every purchase we make is a vote with the wallet, and we feel that fair trade purchases show respect for the people who provided food for us, and respect for ourselves and who we are as individuals.


Tell us how we can order your products. And, now that people are stocking up on products due to COVID, is there a way to order in bulk?

Ben: Our flagship product is NOOCH IT! Cashew Grated Cheeze, a tasty plant-based cheesy topping that has appeal to everyone regardless of dietary preference. NOOCH IT! is available at about 300 retail locations, as well as on Amazon, and can also be purchased directly through our website. We do sell a 12oz size that is perfect for those stocking their pantry.

Fairtrade certified because life is about equality and respect.

Uprise Foods

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