Twiga Coffee is on a mission to source coffee that tastes and does good

27 January 2023   |   Emilee Lamb, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Our newest partner, Twiga Coffee, has deep roots in the world of coffee, and we talked with Founder Tandeep Bains to learn more about how his business is building on its foundation to shape a more just coffee trade for future generations of farmers and consumers alike.

Tandeep Bains, Founder of Twiga Coffee, grew up in Kenya surrounded by coffee farms.

Please introduce yourself – what is your role with Twiga Coffee?

My name is Tandeep Bains. I am a coffee enthusiast and the founder of Twiga Coffee!

Tell me about your company. What’s your mission?

Our philosophy is to achieve excellence not only in the coffee that we offer but also in the relationships that we foster with farmers. We are committed to supporting coffee farmers who take enormous care in growing quality coffee, nurturing their employees, and respecting the environment. Our buying policy is based on ethical, sustainable sourcing. We reinforce our commitment to communities and the environment by donating 10% of all sales to wildlife conservation efforts.

What is the story behind Twiga Coffee?

Growing up in Kenya surrounded by coffee farms, my brother and I joke that we practically have coffee flowing through our veins! We understand the importance of procuring a high quality bean. We feel a special connection to protecting the environment and are committed to wildlife conservation. Thus, Twiga Coffee was born: an amalgamation of offering sustainably sourced, premium coffee beans while giving back through charitable donations.

Why did you choose to certify your product Fairtrade?

Twiga Coffee is committed to ensuring every coffee bean is ethically sourced and farmers are rewarded for the hard work they put into growing our premium beans. Our brand is focused on being sustainable and environmentally conscious. As a company we are committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, and providing fair compensation for our products. We promote transparency with our supply chains through traceability, giving peace of mind to our customers.

What makes your product unique?

Everyone at Twiga Coffee goes the extra mile. From procuring the finest coffee beans from around the world, to hand roasting each bag per order, we want to deliver the freshest and best product possible. This has our customers coming back for more. We are unique in that we donate 10% of all sales to wildlife conservation. Protection of our environment is a core part of our mission.

How do you use your business to create a more sustainable and/or equitable world? How do you give back?

Giving back is a key part of why we started this business. We are committed to giving 10% of all our sales to wildlife conservation. Additionally, our team focuses on obtaining high quality beans that are sourced in an ethical and sustainable fashion, ensuring transparency and traceability in our supply chain. Twiga Coffee customers can rest easy knowing they are getting the best coffee beans the world has to offer with each cup of coffee giving back to protecting our environment through wildlife conservation!

What’s next for Twiga Coffee? Where do you see your company in 5 years, for example?

Our goal is to remain consistent with our key mission and values. We will continue providing top quality, ethically-sourced beans and giving back 10% of all our sales to wildlife conservation efforts. We hope that as our business flourishes, our charitable contributions will expand so that future generations can enjoy nature’s gift to humanity.

What inspires you and your team to work towards business for good?

As a company, we are focused on improving the world for future generations. Our commitment to wildlife conservation as well as a fair and equitable supply chain is a prime component of this goal. We consider every person playing a role in the delivery of our product to be part of our Twiga Coffee family. Growing up in a tightly knit family has ingrained this philosophy into our business practice. Our family-centric approach, our impact on local communities around the world, and the environmental causes key to our mission are what keep us motivated.

“We consider every person playing a role in the delivery of our product to be part of our Twiga Coffee family.”

What is one key takeaway for customers to know about Twiga Coffee and your work with Fairtrade?

Twiga Coffee is committed to ensuring all of our products are ethically sourced, sustainable, and environmentally friendly with transparent, traceable supply chains.

How can a customer get involved with your brand?

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities where we can help those in need, including humans, wildlife, and the environment. Customers can contact us through our website or email us at

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