“Think Big, Shop Little Labels” Campaign Launches in January 2024, Empowering Shoppers to Choose Sustainable Products

11 January 2024
Latest research shows impact of labels on consumer purchasing decisions

Bellingham, WA, January 4, 2024 — When consumers leverage their purchasing power to align with companies that share their values, we can collectively shape a sustainable world. Recognizing the profound impact of small daily actions, Fairtrade America, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Non-GMO Project are set to kickstart 2024 with the “Think Big, Shop Little Labels” campaign, an initiative that champions sustainable purchasing across the spectrum of consumer goods.

This January, shoppers are encouraged to seek out products bearing the Non-GMO Project Verified, Fairtrade America and the Marine Stewardship Council labels. In doing so, consumers can be assured that they are supporting initiatives that prioritize both people and the planet. These labels represent a steadfast commitment to exacting standards, reshaping food systems to drive positive environmental and social changes.

Recent research underlines the shifting consumer landscape, where preferences are increasingly aligned with sustainability. The Marine Stewardship Council reports that 31% of people have changed their diet to have less impact on the environment. Shoppers are also willing to pay a premium for certified Fairtrade products, and the acceptable price difference has grown since 2021.

The “Think Big, Shop Little Labels” campaign harnesses this momentum, inviting individuals to embrace certifications that make a meaningful difference.

“Each label represents a promise,” said Megan Westgate, executive director of the Non-GMO Project. “A promise to safeguard the environment, protect livelihoods and foster ethical practices in our food supply chains. Through the ‘Think Big, Shop Little Labels’ campaign, we empower consumers to exercise their purchasing power for a sustainable future.”

The Non-GMO Project Verified label certifies that products are rigorously tested to meet North America’s most stringent Standard for GMO avoidance. Similarly, Fairtrade America works toward a better deal for farmers and farm workers, supporting ethical labor practices and environmentally sustainable farming methods. The Marine Stewardship Council label guarantees that seafood bearing this mark comes from well-managed, sustainable fisheries.

The impact of these labels reaches far beyond the checkout counter. By supporting these certifications, shoppers become advocates for a global shift towards a more equitable and sustainable food system. These “little labels” help shoppers sidestep greenwashing and disingenuous marketing claims, highlighting more sustainable products that support producers and preserve nature’s integrity.

“We believe that every purchasing decision matters,” adds Amanda Archila, executive director of Fairtrade America. “With ‘Think Big, Shop Little Labels,’ consumers can make an impact by choosing products that meet rigorous standards and reflect their values. Together, we can fix our food systems in a way that benefits generations to come.”

For more information, visit the campaign website.

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