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Little Labels. Big Impact.

This January is Little Labels Month. We’re thrilled to celebrate with the Non-GMO Project and the Marine Stewardship Council again. We are working together to provide free resources to grocery stores across the country to spread the word about certified products.

Shoppers are demanding more. More from their local stores. More from their chosen brands. Even more from the farmers who grow their food.

Transparency in food production and in labeling is critical. Shoppers have a right to if know what they’re buying supports both people and the planet. Choosing well-recognized, third-party seals on products is the best place to start.

What you can do

Spread the word to your shoppers. Signup and receive free materials to highlight products that are Fairtrade certified and Non-GMO verified throughout January. Support brands working towards a more sustainable future and increase sales of these premium products.

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    Register Your Store

    Fill in a simple form on the Non-GMO website and get your store signed up. Make sure you sign up before December 10th!

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    Do you want branded bags for your customers? Make sure to add them to your sign up! Bags will be shipped around the middle of December.

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    Download Free Content

    After you register, we’ll send you your free content deck. In this, you’ll find a variety of tools to promote certified products to you shoppers – both online and offline.

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    Spread the Word

    Promote Non-GMO, Marine Stewardship Council and Fairtrade Certified products in store and online. Share stories, build an end-cap, run a giveaway…the possibilities are endless!

Certified Brands

While Fairtrade doesn’t certify seafood, some brands are both Fairtrade and Non-GMO certified.

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Do Fairtrade and Non-GMO overlap?

Interestingly, they do! The rigorous Fairtrade Standards ban the use of GMO seeds. This is in part because farmers may get stuck in an exploitative cycle when they rely on big agrobusinesses for genetically modified seeds, rather than buying seeds from a variety of sources. Furthermore, Fairtrade and others in the field are yet not sure of the impact GMOs may have on the environments – which farmers rely on for their livelihoods.

The Non-GMO Project has been verifying products since 2010 and Fairtrade has been operating internationally since 1989. We are both registered non-profits in the US and publish our Standards on our websites to give shoppers transparency first and foremost. Brands both large and small voluntarily showcase their compliance by including either the Fairtrade or Non-GMO seal on their packaging (and in some cases, both seals!).