Jordan Tomb’s: Where art, coffee & Fairtrade collide

15 April 2021

We are excited to welcome Jordan Tomb’s to the Fairtrade America community. Learn the story behind this art and social justice-inspired coffee company.

Tell us a little bit about how Jordan Tomb’s came to be and its mission

Jordan Tomb (pictured above) is a visual artist, musician, and a big-time fan of specialty coffee. He founded the company on the principles of promoting the quality of our lives, over the quantity of our things, through art, design and organic treats (and good business practices).

The idea was for Jordan Tomb’s to be much more than just another specialty coffee company.  We wanted to launch the company with the best products – from day one – and to keep improving from there.  As an example, Jordan Tomb’s only selects and roasts the best tasting, single origin, certified organic and certified Fairtrade coffees. There are no conventional options in the mix, and there never will be.  We don’t make any compromises with the quality of the coffee.

I see that Jordan Tomb’s has a focus on sustainable business practices, can you elaborate on what those practices are and why they’re important to your business?

Jordan Tomb’s believes in operating in a way that is as low-impact as possible while focusing our efforts on creating the best products and experiences for our customers.  We are a Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation, a for-profit company dedicated to doing good; we measure and off-set all of our business’ impacts with Gold Standard Off-Sets (we’re carbon neutral); we power our entire facility with wind-generated electricity (by way of our electric utility company); and we work diligently toward being as plastic-free (we only pack our coffees in compostable packaging, including the zippers, valves, and labels) and as zero-waste as we can be (composting, reusing, recycling, and only sending things to a landfill as a last resort).

We will continue to examine everything that we do and make ongoing, measurable improvements.  It’s really important for us to lead by example in our industry as well as prove that success comes from doing the right things – what benefits everybody.

Tell us more about your dedication to art and music, and its connection to Jordan Tomb’s.

Jordan is an experienced professional musician, videographer, and designer.  His experience in the creative arts, combined with his passion for specialty coffee, has given him the confidence to create a business that treats the products like great art – things that are designed to be savored and enjoyed, not just consumed.

How/why did you decide to source Fairtrade coffee? What inspired Jordan Tomb’s to get Fairtrade certified?

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on Earth, which means sourcing coffee needs to be carefully and respectfully considered.  By choosing to purchase all of our coffee beans from only certified organic and certified Fairtrade farms and coops, we are ensuring the safety and economic well-being of farmers and other workers, as well as their communities.

We chose to certify as Fairtrade because we wanted to verify that people were being treated and compensated fairly and that their natural environments are being protected.  It’s important to us to prove that what we are representing about our products is true. We want people to know that we can be trusted and that we really are considering people and the planet with each of our products.

Where can customers find your new Fairtrade products?

Customers in the United States can find our products on our U.S. webshop.

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What makes your Fairtrade coffee unique?

We carefully select the individual origins of our Fairtrade and organic coffees to offer a complete range of profiles and flavors for our customers.  Additionally, each of our coffees has its own roasting profile – a mixture of art and science – that considers the size, shape, moisture content, and density of the green beans.  We only small-batch-roast our coffee; all of our processing equipment is stainless steel (no plastic); and we pack our coffee in 100% compostable packaging (again, no plastic).

A lot of consideration and care goes into every coffee that we roast, package, and sell.

What is one thing you want customers to know about Jordan Tombs?

Jordan Tomb’s believes that success comes from putting forward your creative ideas in a joyful way.  As such, we aren’t going to rest on our past successes.  We will always look to the future and work very diligently to improve our business practices, processes, and products. We’ll never be satisfied with ‘the way that things have always been done’ – we can always do better.

How can customers get involved with your brand?

You can get in touch with us by using the contact form on our Web site or connect with us via social media.  We also recommend subscribing to our newsletter (by way of our Website) – you can watch us grow and evolve over time.

We are always interested in and appreciate the feedback that we receive.


Explore Jordan Tomb’s Fairtrade coffee on their website or check out their brand page on the Fairtrade America Product Finder.



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