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8 November 2019   |   Alli O'Connell, Marketing & Accounts Manager
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Alli O’Connell, Marketing & Accounts Manager at Fairtrade America, discusses authentic marketing with Amy Pellegrini, Digital Marketing Manager at Navitas Organics. Navitas Organics is committed to creating a healthier world through regenerative organic farming and plant-focused lifestyles.

Navitas sources Fairtrade certified organic cacao from small shareholder farmers. In 2018 alone Navitas contributed nearly $150k in Fairtrade Premium, which supports community projects, infrastructure, and improvement of sustainable farming practices.

Authentic Messaging with Amy Pellegrini Digital Marketing Manager

AO: Navitas has really leaned into messaging around both the Organic and Fairtrade movements. Can you share some of the magic behind your ethical messaging strategy (besides the team being energized by organic and Fairtrade superfood!)?

AP: Since day one, our company has always stood behind our certifications and suppliers, as they align with our core values and mission. While this was always top of mind for us, our marketing messaging and digital strategy was typically more focused on product attributes that related to taste, use, availability, etc. Now, we’re getting back to our roots and refocusing our marketing strategy and messaging on our mission-driven values, because we realize how important they are to our customers and partners. This has always been engrained in our foundation, so we want to bring that back to center stage to help those not as familiar with our brand understand why they may want to choose our products over competitors’.

AO: What advice do you have for brands that are looking to authentically and creatively message around their impact and/or ethical sourcing?

AP: Pro tip: BE AUTHENTIC! If it matters to you, it will matter to your customers. We can stand behind our certifications with conviction because they’re true to our brand, they’ve always risen to the top as reasons for considering our suppliers and they encompass everything we stand for as a brand. We walk the walk, talk the talk and eat our superfoods! To truly market something, you have to really believe in what you’re selling in every ounce of its being, and we can proudly say that we are tried-and-true, die-hard superfoodies who are committed to creating a healthier world through regenerative organic farming and plant-focused lifestyles.

AO: What have you learned from the Navitas community about the importance of ethical sourcing?

AP: The positive response we’ve seen over the years about our ethical sourcing from our fans, customers, retail partners and even like-minded brands in our space has been incredible. As our core product and top seller, Cacao Powder continues to rise to the top as a favorite among all these groups, and yes, it tastes great and is a pantry staple, but the ethical sourcing and Fairtrade certification that is rooted in its history goes a long way with those who value what that means. The quality and taste of our entire line of superfoods are truly unmatched, but our Cacao Powder is one of those sweetheart superfoods that our fans continue to use and show appreciation for more and more. The response has encouraged us to continue looking for more ways to share the importance of ethical sourcing and help our customers gain access to our products through more distribution points.

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