Fairtrade International Annual Report 2022-2023

27 June 2024

Driving the fairness agenda

Our annual report describes milestones achieved in 2022 and 2023, thanks to the commitment and innovation of farmers and workers, Fairtrade member organizations, commercial partners, and citizens.

Null Climate-Environment

950 Fairtrade coffee and cocoa cooperatives can now access deforestation risk monitoring through Satelligence partnership

Joselinda Manueles harvests coffee cherries amidst dense foliage. Minimum Price Guarantee

12 Fairtrade Living Income Reference Prices available, across 4 commodities and 11 countries

Palm-like leaves cast a sharp silhouette against at blue sky mottled with clouds. Ethos of Collaboration

56 externally funded projects active in 2023

We are living in a rapidly changing world. Whether it’s related to climate, conflict, cost of living, or new regulations, we are all being called on to adapt and to act.

Sandra Uwera Murasa, Global CEO, & Melissa Duncan, Executive Director of Fairtrade International

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