Fairtrade International Annual Report 2021-2022

25 November 2022

A world of fairness

There is no sustainability if farmers and workers live in poverty. Decent livelihoods are the foundation for farming communities to be able to tackle issues like child labor and deforestation. Fairtrade producers and partners have joined forces to lead the way on living income, living wages, and opportunities for women and young people. Fairtrade International's annual report outlines the challenges facing our global community, our strategy for addressing those challenges and our impact in 2021.

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2021 US Impact reports

Farmers and workers, like everyone else, are trying to adapt and prepare for a future marked by climate change, uncertain markets and rising costs, disruption and conflict. Fairtrade has worked closely with producers to navigate these crises and draw learnings about the factors that define and contribute to resilience.

Sustainable trade is fundamental to this approach, and we are proud to have partnered with companies in the United States to source Fairtrade certified ingredients. In this report, we share key indicators to assess our collective impact to support farmers, workers, and their communities.