2018-2019 Fairtrade Impact Report

21 December 2020

Fairtrade in numbers

We are proud to have partnered with US companies to source Fairtrade certified ingredients sustainably. This series of reports sheds light on the impact generated by selling Fairtrade cocoa, bananas and coffee products in the United States in 2019. Demand from consumers continues to grow in the US market, bolstering the impact for Fairtrade farmers and producers.

Supply chain data illustration

In 2019, Fairtrade Premiums of $8,442,478 were generated through commercial partner sales.

Shopper with Fairtrade tote illustration

Fairtrade retail sales in US were estimated to be worth $1,167,231,164, representing a growth of over 0.6% over the previous year.  

Farmer harvesting plants illustration

21% of all Fairtrade farmers and workers are women.

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