The Future of Banana Production is at Stake

28 August 2019   |   CLAC

Over the last few weeks, the possible disappearance of the Cavendish banana has been making headlines around the globe, both in producer and consumer countries; since the first outbreak of the Fusarium Tropical Race 4 has been made public in Colombia.

This new situation raises huge concerns among producers and industry stakeholders worldwide, threatening the livelihoods of millions of producers and workers. In addition, it poses a threat to the sustainability of the global banana industry, which is heavily dependent on banana supplies from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The stakes are high and demand a prompt response and support from all stakeholders: producers, governments, research, traders, retailers and international organizations. Major efforts must be put on containment and prevention, to avoid the spread of the disease to other producer countries.

With nearly 92% of Fairtrade bananas coming from Latin America and the Caribbean, and over 200 certified organizations across the region, Fairtrade is committed to support producers in tackling this threat. The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) and Fairtrade International have been working on it over the last few years and are determined to step up efforts on prevention, protection and risk mitigation.

Read the full statement on Fusarium TR4 from CLAC.


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