Start the new year off right – wear fair!

20 December 2018   |   Fairtrade America

New line of Fairtrade organic yoga wear from Soul Space is at home in the studio or café.

Health and fitness rank high among New Year’s resolutions, but on average only 9% of people stick with their goals.  Researchers say the key is finding sustainable motivation. Among their recommendations is setting goals that make a difference.

This year, when you set your sights on getting fit, consider the difference your workout clothes could make for small-scale cotton farmers and factory workers in India. Check out Soul Space, a new 100% Fairtrade organic clothing brand, that includes yoga and gym wear, and cotton basics for men and women.

For a limited time, Soul Space is offering 25% off and free shipping on all purchases at WWW.SOULSPACEUSA.COM.

“Soul Space aims to change the world in a gentle way by committing to sustainable materials and production,” said Vikrant Giri, founder of Soul Space & Gallant International. “Our brand is dedicated to people and planet, which is why we work exclusively with Fairtrade organic materials.”

Conventional cotton takes a heavy toll on the environment. It’s estimated that cotton production required $3.3 billion worth of pesticides in 2014, including many that are classified as hazardous by the WHO. Poor storage and lack of training often results in health problems for workers. Inefficient irrigation systems can deplete local water sources, and flood irrigation results in fertilizer and pesticide runoff polluting rivers, lakes and water tables.

Soul Space’s cotton is physically traceable and supports small-scale organic cotton farmers in India, invests in their communities. These farmers are committed to protecting the environment producing cotton that is primarily rain-fed and eliminating pesticides. Soul Space’s Fairtrade and organic sourcing commitments are part of a worldwide effort to address the deep-rooted problems in cotton farming and fashion production.

“The fashion industry and cotton farming have come under great scrutiny in recent years for human rights abuses and environmental damage. Our focus on Fairtrade organic sourcing and ethical production is part of a worldwide effort to address these deep-rooted problems,” said Giri.

So join a gym, hit the trail or get your down dog on in style in 2019 by choosing to wear fair and support farmers and the environment. Good luck keeping up with those New Year’s resolutions! You can do it.


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