#Stand4Fairness with Ethical Bean

30 April 2018   |   Jason from the World Fair Trade Challenge Team

What do you think of when you hear the words “good coffee”? Maybe you think of the geography where coffee is grown, under shade at high altitudes in countries like Guatemala, Ethiopia or Colombia. Or maybe it’s the preparation you love – a mocha one day, a cup from a French press the next. Well, when I think about “good coffee,” I think of Ethical Bean, a 100% Fairtrade certified coffee roaster from Vancouver, BC that lives up to its name as an ethical business and will always #Stand4Fairness.


In fact, in 2010, Ethical Bean decided that they wanted to go beyond Fairtrade certification and become one of Canada’s founding Certified B Corporations.

When you see a product with the Fairtrade label, you know that product was produced in adherence to a rigorous set of social and environmental standards. Just like Fairtrade, B-Corp status is achieved by meeting rigorous standards that assess a business’s corporate governance, worker treatment, as well as community and consumer impact. Companies are then given a score based on these criteria, and those earning a score of 80 or higher are eligible to become B-Corps. Ethical Bean recently re-certified its B-Corp status and increased their score to a whopping 125/200 – all this in addition to being Fairtrade certified?

Oh – and let’s not forget that Ethical Bean makes dynamite coffee. In fact, their coffee is so good, Ethical was recently selected to be the Official Coffee Partner at the 2018 flagship TED Conference in Vancouver. But in addition to their amazing coffee, Ethical remains committed to being a more thoughtful business. That passion for social justice and ethical sourcing continues to drive them every day.

For example, once the Fairtrade-certified beans arrive Ethical Bean’s roasting facilities, they’re processed in a 100% carbon-neutral, LEED-certified facility so that the environmental impact of their business is minimized at every step of the way, from production at origin to roasting in Vancouver.

Ethical Bean also has gone above and beyond by creating an iPhone app that can be used to scan the QR code on the back of each bag of Ethical Bean Coffee.  The code gives consumers a wealth of information, including more details about their coffee and a listing of their global co-operative partners. Talk about transparency!

#Stand4Fairness like Ethical Bean during the World Fairtrade Challenge! Here’s How:

  1. Support B-Corporations like Ethical Bean, Divine Chocolate and more!
  2. Subscribe to the Ethical Bean Blog and get the latest on coffee 101, recipes and Fairtrade news.
  3. Purchase ethically-sourced coffee from Fairtrade roasters.
  4. Get involved in this year’s World Fairtrade Challenge at fairtradechallenge.org!


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