#Stand4Fairness with Divine Chocolate

17 April 2018   |   Jason from the World Fair Trade Challenge Team

International Fairtrade Day is now less than a month away on May 12, and we here at Fairtrade America are getting ready to celebrate and #Stand4Fairness by highlighting some of our favorite partners. This week, we’re being inspired by Divine Chocolate, a company that has been making superb chocolate and empowering women for over two decades.


Divine is a different kind of chocolate company – from day one, Divine chose to operate as an organization that empowered its producers. In 1993, Twin Trading, a nonprofit that seeks to aid farmers in the developing world through trade and economic development, founded the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative in Ghana. Five years later, Twin created the brand that became Divine Chocolate.

Since its creation, Divine has been committed to empowering the co-op’s female producers. From leadership training programs to the establishment of land rights for smallholder farming families, Divine’s commitment to gender equality runs deep. Just last year, as part of the “Divine Women” campaign, Kuapa Co-op member Mercy Zaah visited the United States and spoke at the World Cocoa Federation, Oxfam America, Winrock, and even met with four Members of Congress to share her experiences and those of women farmers.


That’s why when you purchase Divine, you know that you’re helping female producers advance in a difficult industry that has been historically dominated by men. That’s what it means to #Stand4Fairness.

How will YOU #Stand4Fairness during the World Fairtrade Challenge? Share your story on Instagram using the hashtag #Stand4Fairness

4 ways you can support Divine and #Stand4Fairness:

1. Next time you’re buying chocolate, look for Divine at retailers like Whole Foods and Amazon.

2. Check out Divine’s 2016 – 2017 Annual Report and read about their stellar work.

3. Support Nonprofits that Empower Women such as Ecowomen

4. Get involved in this year’s World Fairtrade Challenge at fairtradechallenge.org


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