#Stand4Fairness: Go Beyond the Seal with Equal Exchange

10 May 2018   |   Jason from the World Fair Trade Challenge Team

World Fairtrade Day is in just a few days, and over the past month we’ve been highlighting a selection of superb brands that have gone above and beyond Fairtrade certification to support a variety of socially and environmentally-conscious initiatives. One of our favorite partners is Equal Exchange, a top banana importer that’s revolutionizing an industry dominated by plantations and large-scale producers.

A key aim of Fairtrade is to empower farmers and allow them to bring the challenges they’re facing to the forefront of the conversation surrounding global trade. In their web documentary ‘Beyond the Seal,’ Equal Exchange shares the story of individuals in the banana industry who are shaping the futures of their communities and local economies with the help of Fairtrade. Check it out:



As they say at Equal Exchange, JOIN THE BANANA REVOLUTION!

Go beyond and #Stand4Fairness this World Fairtrade Day:

  1. Make a difference with your purchase: Pledge to support small-scale producers over plantations and look for Fairtrade bananas and fresh produce on your next trip to the store. If you can’t find Fairtrade produce in your store, ask for it and help change the industry!
  2. Bananas about bananas? Visit beyondthepeel.com for a banana boat-load of information about Equal Exchange’s bananas and programs including videos, podcasts and much more.
  3.  Consider donating to the Equal Exchange Donor Advised Fund. In 2017 the fund broke projects support farming communities in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala & Peru, help them continue.
  4. Get Involved: Visit Fairtradechallenge.org to participate in this year’s World Fairtrade Day!


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