Serve Up Fairtrade Goodness This Summer

17 July 2019   |   Jason Sanches, Events & Campaigns Manager
Summer Cookout

The summer cookout is a seasonal institution, but among the assortment of burgers, grilled veggies and cold treats, you can’t help but notice the dissonance. Here in the United States, summer signals a time to take a break from school or work to relax in leisure. But for the farmers and workers growing our food, summer brings irregular weather patterns, natural disaster and the sting of unsustainable prices.

Re-connect with your food this summer by bringing Fairtrade to your next summertime cookout. We’ve picked out some ethical options for your next gathering so you can break out a Fairtrade dish and strike up a conversation about why thinking sustainably is important!


Ever just want Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks and nothing else? Of course, you have, and that’s why B&J’s released their new Snackable Doughs. Flavors include the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and a Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. These are great for sharing (but we won’t blame you if you don’t). Just throw them in a cooler and you’ve got dough-on-the-go!

Available online or your local freezer section.


Every party needs wine – why not make it Fairtrade? Did you know there’s a growing range of Fairtrade wines crafted by  farmers in South Africa, Argentina, Chile and more. Farmers in these regions face unique social and economic concerns but your purchase helps them face these realities.

Check your local liquor store for Fairtrade wines like Stonedance or Six Hats.

Pro tip: You can check for local availability with apps like Drizly.


Fix a refresher that lifts your energy! Organic India’s Fairtrade Tulsi teas make a great herbal iced tea. In India, Tulsi is called the “’Queen of the Herbs” due to its health benefits so bring a refreshing pitcher of any of Organic India’s Fairtrade to your next outdoor gathering.

Get them here and use ICED4U to get 15% off orders of Tulsi Infusions over $39.

Last year, Organic India made history and launched the first Fairtrade supplements. And they are .

Fairtrade Summertime Recipes

Are you more of a baker but still want to bring Fairtrade goodness to your next summer cookout? Here are some awesome recipes with Fairtrade ingredients that’ll be sure to be a hit.


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