Scare Up Some Fairness This Halloween

9 October 2018   |   Najy Kamal, Digital Communications Manager

October isn’t just about ghouls and goblins – it’s also about fairness for farmers. 

October is Fair Trade Month, when people around the world join together to make sure farmers can get a better deal for their hard work. Celebrate the end of Fair Trade Month by making your Halloween fair! Give your trick-or-treaters chocolate they’ll love and do good by the farmers who produced the cocoa and sugar. No tricks here, just treats!

The fact is, for many struggling cocoa farmers, the future can be downright scary. Seventy percent of the world’s cocoa comes from Western Africa, where farmers often struggle to earn enough to support their families, plan for the future, or even meet basic needs. There’s even the possibility that the cocoa in that convenience store candy bar you usually give out was harvested by a child not much older than the trick-or-treater at your door.

Enter Fairtrade

Chocolate bearing the Fairtrade seal means the whole supply chain – from bean to bar – meets or exceeds our strict certification standards. For farmers, that means a getting a better price for their product, democratic decision making, and safer conditions in the workplace, to name a few. For you, that means peace of mind and a great tasting treat.

This Halloween, ditch the tricks and treat farmers fairly by handing out Fairtrade chocolate!

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