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26 July 2021   |   Melissa Weinstein, Fairtrade America Marketing & Administrative Assistant
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As pandemic isolation fades and many of us are returning to offices, we’re excited to reunite with our colleagues after more than a year apart. However, going back to the office doesn’t mean you have to go back to old habits. Making parts of your daily routine more sustainable can make a huge difference for people and the planet. For small offices, like ours, making more ethical decisions is as simple as swapping our morning coffee for a Fairtradecertified option. When you choose Fairtrade products, you can be confident that the commodity was grown following our rigorous standards, which support farmers and their communities and help to protect the environment. 

5 back to the office favorites

  • highground coffee


    Conveniently delivered in single-serve packets, Highground’s delicious instant coffee is excellent for a quick pick-me-up before that afternoon meeting. Plus, this organic Fairtrade option comes in boxes of 100 packets, meaning endless whipped coffee for everyone!  

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  • Puro coffee


    While developing outstanding whole bean and ground coffee products, Puro is on a mission to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond. Great for gathering around the Chemex, this sustainable brand is the perfect option for offices looking to purchase their brew in bulk.  

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  • Gourmesso compostable pods


    Looking to dust off that office Nespresso machineGourmesso’s 150 coffee pod bundle is an excellent solution for those looking to buy coffee pods in bulk. Enjoy a wide variety of blends, including their delicious Fairtrade flavors and a 100% compostable line.  

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  • Organic India tin

    Organic India

    If you prefer tea over coffee, Organic India has got you covered with their Fairtrade original and green tea immune-boosting options. Try their canisters, which come with 50 servings – enough for the whole office! 

    Explore Organic India's tea
  • Wildly Organic blue agave syrup

    Wildly Organic

    Say goodbye to your average sweeteners and say hello to Wildly Organic’s Fairtrade Agave Nectar. Agave is a great natural sweetener for your tea or coffee, as it’s similar in consistency to honey, but with greater health benefits

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