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9 August 2019   |   Jason Sanches, Events & Campaigns Manager

It’s a new school year, maybe even a new school this time around – why not use this opportunity to re-make yourself? New clothes, new sheets, gym ware too since athleisure is all the rage.

Sure, new clothes make you look and feel like a superstar, but the fashion industry has a long track record of unsustainable sourcing and outright deplorable working conditions. Ditch fast fashion and make Fairtrade the hot look on campus this fall. Feel good about your purchases and shop products that aren’t just stylish but also gentle on the earth!

We love that ethical fashion is now trending but SKFK, your new favorite fashion brand, are among the original trendsetters. SKFK is a brand designed for women who care about sustainability and quality. SKFK embodies the slow fashion movement, sourcing recycled and re-purposed materials for their beautiful modern collections. SKFK also recognizes their role as a fashion brand in combating climate change – every item on their store details its carbon footprint compared to the industry average showing in real numbers how their brand impacts the planet vs. conventional.

Shop SKFK Collections

Nudie Jeans offers a lovely selection of Fairtrade Certified organic cotton products. With their wide selection of tees, long shirts and shirts, why not finish your fall look in one go!?

Shop Nudie’s Fairtrade Collection Here

Picking the right dorm room sheets is a huge responsibility. After all, chances are you’ll be sleeping on those sheets for the next 4 years! That decision is a whole lot easier now that Looma Home is part of the Fairtrade family.

Looma’s sheets are made from 100% Organic Fairtrade certified cotton and will transform your dingy old Twin XL into your personal Fairtrade cloud.

To celebrate Looma Home’s launch, they’ve offered the 20% off while shopping. See details here. Hurry, offer expires soon!

Balance is essential to a healthy life especially as you pursue your degree, which can be stressful (to say the least)! That’s why you should check out SoulSpace, an ethical , 100% organic and Fairtrade brand for yoga and gym attire that looks fashionable in the gym, the library and the classroom. They’re challenging the industry and leading the way in responsible, comfortable, quality fashion.

“Soul Space aims to change the world in a gentle way by committing to sustainable materials and production” Vikrant Giri, founder of Soul Space.

Shop For SoulSpace Here

Homework Time

  • WEAR YOUR VALUES and make a statement on campus by choosing ethical, high-quality Fairtrade Cotton.
  • TEACH a lesson in ethical shopping. Purchasing ethical cotton goods is awesome but expand your impact for free by sharing on social media why you made the decision to ditch the destructive fast fashion industry. Education is power and knowledge motivates change!
  • DEMAND ethical fashion! Your voice matters – brands rely on shoppers like you just as they depend on farmers and growers. Online or in the store, ask who made your clothes! Send us your results by tagging @FairtradeMarkUS on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!


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