Picnic Pizza? Celebrate Fairtrade Any Way You Want!

9 May 2017   |   Kathleen McCoy, Events and Communications Assistant Manager

Deep in the heart of the Windy City, more than 30 ethical business and community members held the largest Fair Trade celebration in the USA! How will you celebrate World Fair Trade Day?

Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago was abuzz on May 3rd & 4th as Chicago Fair Trade hosted their 8th annual Fair Trade Celebration. Fairtrade America joined in the festivities providing Fairtrade ingredients for a massive potluck with some of Chicago’s top chefs sharing their creations with passersby.

Recipes included:

Chicago Fair Trade’s event stands out as an example of how a community can come together to support and raise awareness of the farmers and workers behind the food we eat every day.

Holding a celebration is a great way to can take part in the Fairtrade Challenge this May. However, you don’t need to take over a public plaza to do your part in your community.

There are lots of great Fairtrade celebrations happening around the country hosted by businesses, community organizations, schools, and even individuals.

  • Caffe Etc. in California will host a giveaway from May 12-14 for those who visit their shop, which sells Fairtrade certified Thanksgiving Coffee.
  • Burlington, Vermont’s Peace and Justice Center will host a Fairtrade Celebration in conjunction with the opening day of their farmer’s market.
  • And plenty of individuals have listed their celebrations, including a Fairtrade Mother’s Day Brunch, and a wine and chocolate tasting for friends.
    We are so excited to see so many participants on our Fairtrade Challenge map, but we would love to see more!

Tell us what YOU are doing to promote World Fair Trade Day in your community by registering an event at www.fairtradechallenge.org. Not only will you help spread the word about ethical sourcing, but all US entries will be entered into a drawing for one of three amazing prize packs featuring all sorts of Fairtrade goodies.

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