How We Used Netflix to Address Child Labor in Cocoa

4 November 2019   |   Alli O'Connell, Marketing & Accounts Manager

This Fair Trade Month, Fairtrade America joined Tony’s Chocolonely, Green America, and the Child Labor Coalition for a few simple pleasures; watching ‘Bitter Chocolate’ from the Netflix original series Rotten, enjoying Fairtrade certified chocolate, and discussing solutions to the bitter side of chocolate.

George Washington University was the perfect academic atmosphere for a thought-provoking screening and discussion on initiatives combatting child labor, the power of consumer engagement, and dedicated brands that are driving positive social change.

“People, planet, and profit can live in harmony,” stated Stephanie Westhelle Business Development Manager at Fairtrade America.

In response, the panel discussed Green America’s 2019 Chocolate Scorecard, which highlights select chocolate brands that are doing just that. The Chocolate Scorecard considers commitments made to sourcing certified cocoa and commitments beyond certification, like plans to improve farmer livelihoods, engaging with communities, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Leading the way in the Scorecard with A’s were Fairtrade certified brands like Tony’s Chocolonely.

“We’ve been Fairtrade certified from the start. It’s very important to us. Certification schemes get a bad rap, but we believe they are very important. Our partnership with Fairtrade is the first step in bridging the living income,” shared Dena White, Marketing Manager at Tony’s Chocolonely.

The audience left informed about the realities, inspired by solutions, and with 2 Tony’s Chocolonely bars in hand. Just outside the screening and discussion Tony’s Chocotruck sampled Tony’s bars, and an interactive museum of the history and current realities of cocoa.

Missed the event? Here’s a short clip of the Tony’s Chocotruck at GWU’s Yard.


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