How to Dress Head-To-Toe with Fairtrade Cotton & Why It Matters

19 April 2019   |   Naledi Sekgapane, Operations Assistant, Fairtrade America

As the saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good”. But when you purchase ethical products, you not only look and feel great, but you’re also part of a major movement towards resolving issues in the fast fashion industry. By choosing Fairtrade certified cotton, farmers and workers are paid a fair price and as a result able to invest in their communities and protect their local environment.

Did you know that the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse of April 2013 killed 1138 people and left over 2500 were injured? Since then millions have united to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. To prevent such a horrific tragedy like Rana Plaza from occurring again, we’re asking that you continue to stand in solidarity and take action this Fashion Revolution Week (April 22nd – 28th) by asking brands #WhoMadeMyClothes? And as you learn about who made your clothes and how you can use your voice and your power to transform the fashion industry, you might want to consider Fairtrade cotton. We know it can be hard to find something that is both ethical and fashionable, but there are tons of options available that are a lot better than one might expect — if you’re willing to do a little digging (or let us do it for you). So, in the spirit of Fashion Revolution Week, let’s get shopping!

The Boga Scarf

SKFK sources their Fairtrade organic cotton from a cooperative of small farmers located into the Odisha, Maharashtra and Telangana states of India. This gorgeous piece offers versality, wear it as a scarf on those chilly Spring evenings or as a head scarf to switch up your style.

Price: $55

The Tavi Sleeveless Top

People Tree’s story began in 1991 and ever since they have been a pioneer in sustainable Fairtrade fashion actively supporting farmers, producers and artisans through 14 producer groups, in 6 countries. Pair this top with your favorite organic cotton jeans, don’t have a pair?

Price: $102

Tavi stripe top

The Henry Chambray Indigo

Fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you! Nudie Jeans uses both organic and Fairtrade certified cotton for basic tees, long sleeves, basic sweatshirt, underwear and shirts made in India. They specialize in men and women’s wear, but you’ll also find a huge selection of accessories such as hats, belts and even recyclable rugs.

Price: $135

denim jacket

Your One Stop Shop for Eco-Friendly Gym Wear

Soul Space has everything you need to help cultivate mindfulness as you enter your usual meditation or yoga routine. With their large range of sweat-ready essentials for exercise there’s something for everyone

Socks that Fight Poverty

Each pair of socks purchased from Conscious Step contributes toward a donation to one of multiple charities. Designs are created to fight hunger, provide water, educate children, treat HIV, or and in this case fight poverty.

Price: $14.95 

Find out more about FASHION REVOLUTION, THEIR MANIFESTO and see the LINEUP OF EVENTS they’re putting on around the world.


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