How to Be a Climate Activist According to Bananas

17 May 2017   |   Margot Conover, Manager of External Relations, Fairtrade America

Close up of "Fairtrade against climate change" written on a banana held by a person in a banana costume.

Climate got you down? We know climate change can seem like an overwhelming problem! Everything is so insanely interconnected, with tiny things having big consequences.


Imagine your life without chocolate, coffee, sugar, bananas, avocados, and wine – all things threatened by a changing climate! That means 26 Ben & Jerry’s flavors are at risk! But there’s good news! Get out and make your voice heard! You don’t have to do it alone!

You might make some unusual alliances. But that’s great, because we’re all in this together. You can join with people or groups with bigger voices than you. Buying Fairtrade is one way you can support a healthy climate.

Climate activists with one in a banana suit and one holding a sign that says, "No bees no food".Riding your bike instead of driving helps keep those bananas, too! And always remember to recycle. But most of all, never be afraid to speak up, someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to speak for themselves might need you. And you never know who might be listening.

Sometimes the enormity of a problem like climate change can make you feel helpless, but thousands of people across the US are teaming up to make big impact. Fairtrade can’t solve climate change, but it makes an enormous difference in the lives of the people most affected.

Environmental sustainability initiatives help Fairtrade superhero farmers fight on the front lines of climate change, as they stand up to diseases that threaten their crops and changing weather patterns.

On April 29, Fairtrade America joined over 200,000 people in Washington DC to march for climate justice. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against climate change. Find out how you can get involved and check out what Fairtrade products you can buy to support farmers.

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