Flower Power

14 October 2014   |   Mary Linnell-Simmons, Director of Marketing

When you read the slogan “Flower Power,” you might think of the 1960s, hippies, the anti-war movement, and groovy psychedelic music. Well, it’s 2014, baby, and “Flower Power” has a whole new meaning thanks to Fairtrade.

That’s because Fairtrade protects and benefits flower workers by certifying farms that ensure safety and good working conditions for their employees.

As a result, you can buy Fairtrade daisies for your hair knowing that the rights of the workers who produced them are being respected. Among other things, Fairtrade Standards for flowers ensure:

  • The Fairtrade Premium goes to what both the workers and management democratically decide is most important.
  • The Premium must be used for community development and improved working conditions.
  • Forced labor and child labor of children under 15 years old is stamped out (an ongoing process).
  • Workers have freedom of association and collective agreements. They have the right to establish or join an independent union, elect their advisers and design their own programs.
  • Salaries must be equal to or higher than the regional average or the minimum wage.
  • Measures are taken to protect workers’ safety and banned pesticides are prohibited.

Now that’s flower power. That’s the Power of You!