Fairtrade Sponsors 2021 Global Market: Food & Beverage

21 June 2021   |   Melissa Weinstein, Fairtrade America Marketing & Administrative Assistant
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Fairtrade America is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Global Market: Food & Beverage experience (June 28 – July 2) hosted by ECRM, the owner of product discovery platform RangeMe 

Join our Director of Marketing & External Relations at the Industry Power Panel along with Non-GMO Project and Planet Based Foods Association, discussing topics that will cover everything from consumer trends to how certifications can boost discovery and much more.  

The 2021 Global Market: Food & Beverage promises to be an immersive product discovery experience combined with a virtual meeting environment built specially for brands to showcase relevant products to global retailers of all sizes. 

Demand for fair trade products

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming more conscious of how sustainable food options benefit people and the planet. With their Sourced for Good program underway, Whole Foods Market is one of the many retailers meeting this growing awareness with open arms. By partnering with Fairtrade America and other third-party certifiers, Whole Foods Market’s goal is to help provide things like improved wages, health care, student scholarships, planting trees to prevent erosion and more. 

With food certification labels like the Fairtrade Mark, shoppers know the farmers behind their purchase receive a fair deal for their hard work. Meanwhile, retailers continue to prioritize products with sustainable certifications due to their increased demand. So, what does this mean for brands? 

According to Forbes’s 2019 report on retail trends, 62 percent of Generation Z prefer to buy from sustainable brands. As the quest for sustainability strengthens with every generation, brands must adjust to meet consumer and retailer demands. The Fairtrade Mark and other complementary certifications can help provide businesses with the transparency consumers are craving. 

How Fairtrade works with other certifications 

Many businesses choose to label their products with more than one sustainability or quality label to better convey to shoppers the commitments they’ve made. The Fairtrade Mark is commonly coupled with other labels such as:

  • Organic 
  • BCorporation 
  • Non-GMO 

We are proud to sponsor the 2021 Global Market: Food & Beverage experience with Non-GMO Project and Plant Based Foods Association. Fairtrade certification overlaps with these other certifications in that: 

  • All Fairtrade producers are required to use non-GMO seeds when planting their crops. The vast majority of Fairtrade products are plant-based, however we do have certifications for textiles, sports balls, honey and precious metals. 
  • Many businesses choose to feature Fairtrade alongside these other certifications to convey both the people and environmental conditions behind the product. 

What you can do 

Register for the event here to learn more about how brands can win the trust of shoppers in an ever changing consumer landscape. 


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