Fairtrade Kicks A**!

30 November 2016   |   Kicking Horse Coffee

Guest blogger Kicking Horse Coffee explains why they won’t use anything but Fairtrade coffee. This year the company celebrates 20 years of selling Fairtrade organic specialty coffee all across North America.

When it comes to roasting kick-ass beans, there’s only one answer for Kicking Horse® Coffee: Fairtrade.

Fairtrade is the only coffee we use.

“It can’t be done!” That’s what people said when we set out to use only Fairtrade and organic beans. But we’ve proven it can be done. We’ve proven that choosing good can also mean great. We’ve been roasting Fairtrade coffee for nearly 20 years, and we’re proud to be great without compromising.

See, we don’t just need coffee beans. We need a lot of exceptional coffee beans — beans that taste great! We need them consistently and dependably. And that’s not simple. And that’s where Fairtrade begins to matter to us.

Coffee is one of the most-traded commodities in the world. The coffee industry can be volatile, unpredictable and subject to dramatic price fluctuations.

At Kicking Horse Coffee, we’re only interested in using coffee that is good and fair for both our coffee drinkers and for farmers. We believe we can’t have one without the other.

What Fairtrade means for Kicking Horse

Fairtrade is a system that empowers coffee farmers to invest in their community’s future. Instead of reactive aid, farmers receive an additional Fairtrade Premium for each pound sold, at least the  Fairtrade Minimum Price that protects them from volatile drops in the market, and training to run smart, successful businesses. Farmers can develop more independence through Fairtrade by, for example, creating warehousing and processing plants. Fairtrade also encourages organic certification. And what is of great significance to Kicking Horse Coffee, Fairtrade helps our farmers to grow with us, to help provide for our growing demand.

We’re proud our farmers have built sustainable businesses. Businesses they can depend on. Businesses we can depend on. Businesses that are growing and will continue to grow with us. Businesses that build better communities. Businesses that exist with community, and exist in a socially responsible way.

So we say “Thanks!” Thanks to the people who believe great coffee can be better.

Thanks to the people who believe that great coffee should feel great too. Thanks to the people who are part of our story, and who are, in turn, part of a good story that changes the world, one deep, dark and delicious cup at a time. We want our coffee to taste great, but we want to feel great about our story too. Thanks to Fairtrade, we do. And you should too!


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